What to do with his area on the Almayer?

What are some of your suggestions on what to do with the only not mapped in area on the Almayer which could be used for something nice or unique. (Next to the Gym and Flight Office)

Create a bar

Could make it some sort of area for survivors like extra bunks and a private break room? Or maybe some sort of arcade/games room for that marine pen and paper game that’s as added and I can’t remember the name of.

Tbh, We should leave it empty as the “free space.”

90% of the time it becomes a bar. Other 10% of the time it becomes a cool holdout spot. Be more inventive!

Then i would suggest to make it an empty room wich people can actually see. Rigth now you only really know its there if you saw it as ghost.

Having a room to be creative in shouldn’t be exclusive for people that are so into the game they know the maplayout that well. It should also be easily accessible for first time players.


first step would be to put a door and make it look like an area under-construction.
i would also suggest to try to look at them from time to time at the end of round before hijack to see if MT’s did anything cool with it maybe…

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Not my metal foam storage room! :pensive:

A miniature Guantanamo Bay torture room with CLF and clown corpses. And a rat. This will enhance immersion, ambience, soulfulness and promote HRP behaviour.

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We already have a mini torture room though.

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one day as CL if req has BM im gonna use it as contraband storage

I commonly use it for exactly that. (I have an admin map insert)


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I was planning to turn it into a tank-bay during my “dirty up the Almayer” PR. Though constant merge conflicts caused me to not go ahead.

I like both the tank bay and the bar pictures, hmmm maybe the tank bay for more soul but the lounge admin insert looks very nice.

this is the brig

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We already have a torture room on board Almayer. The engi vendors back room…

expand the gym

I think having it at as a player / admin blank canvas is exactly the point and it should be left like this

We need more.