why no mortar belts at Whisky?

Like… what? Normal rounds req has mortar belts and bags. Wich only get used when someone wants to be executed and brings the mortar to the front. But on wisky outpost, where there is a job to only sit at the mortar, its not in stock. Like what? Why? I am so confused by this. What is the reasoning behind this? I genuinly want to know.

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Because whiskey outpost has non removable anchors for the mortar. Therefore it won’t actually make sense if there’s a mortar belt for a non-moveable mortar. Instead you get a crate that contain the explosive shells.

Yeah i know, the orginal intend for the belts and bags are for frontline mortar. But frontline mortar is something only satly mortar guys do because they never get cords. Never because its good, because it isnt. The belts are onyl used by req and for fashion at this point really. So why cant we have the belts for whisky. It would be so nice to not have to run away from the mortar to get some shells.

Sorry, im just really sad about this

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It’s twofold:

  • There’s no reason for them to exist. The mortars cannot be moved and you have crates of hundreds of mortar shells which can be dragged right next to the mortars and opened. So, it never occurred to anyone to add them during the creation of WO’s mortar crew
  • Few contributions go to WO. Few people are interested in adding things to WO, so nobody ever thought about adding erroneous mortar belts to the map or its req. (I wouldn’t be against it, but I hardly expect anyone to go out of their way to add it)

I am interested in fully removing WO