Window Frames Untrained

make window frames not require training

much easier for MST to build them therefore, no need for them to be trained, also no impact on gameplay except allowing non-engi roles to build cool things

You could also just ask an MT to do it for you, so that the role dosn’t get pushed further into uselesness other then being an MP target.

Originally window frames couldn’t be slashed apart, only acided, so they were pretty powerful for keeping cades alive in certain areas of the map and the build restriction made sense.

They don’t have that property anymore and are easier, faster, and safer to destroy than sandbags, which PFC’s can place - so I don’t think the build restriction is warranted anymore. They’re overtuned by people touching the balance knob more often than was necessary imo.

that’s just irritating though and frankly a time waster, MTs make their own fun

People complaining about MTs having nothing to do in one thread and people refusing to give MTs anything to do in the other.

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