(Writing Prompt) Alien 5

Hey all! So I’m a hobbist writer, and I’ve always liked to come back snd dip my toes in Alien as a settinf while I’ve been working up to a publishable novella or short story collection.

I know theres plenty more writers in the nooks and crannies of the community so I kinda wanted to do a bit of a homebrew competition.

The idea is; I’ll put out a prompt with certain requirements to fulfill. People who want to be apart of it can write something up and send it in. It doesnt have to be an instant best seller, and tbh i dont even mind if you only get a paragraph in, so long as you do your best and can improve from it! After a little while I’ll read all of the entries and do my best to review them, and post my own entry as well.

Hopefully this can get some traction, and if its a succcess I’ll do another.

This prompt is the following: Alien 5. This could be a screenplay, a novella or an actual script for a 5th entry to the Alien Franchise, the only requirement being that well it features xenomorphs to a degree.

I look forward to seeing if people put in anything, and Im excited to read whatever said people come up with!

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