XM4 Armour Change

The XM4 is a great set of armour.

For everyone BUT the Intelligence Officer.

IO’s value speed and inventory space above all else. The issue is that the XM4 armour slugs you with a massive slowdown.

Most veteran IO players debate which armour to use, but that debate extends to either the Service Jacket or the Light Armour. Almost no veteran IO’s use the XM4.

My suggestion is for the armour to be changed so it is functionally light armour, but with 4 inventory slots. (this should only affact the IO’s armour, not the regular M4 armour)

I would make a PR but I believe some discussion would be warranted first, since armour is usually a contentious topic.


Imagine being a veteran.

Give IO’s something like a webbing but an upgraded webbing something that Chances Claim Survivors use.

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I’m actually doing that in the PR below, it gives IOs a customized external webbing that is functionally just a re-sprited service jacket, it looks more thematic.


I still think it would be better to also make the XM4 a subtype of L-armour.