Zed3920 - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Zed3920

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?

Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?
Yes, I play as any character from the Moreng family (a family I made up) it consists of many characters for specific roles.

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:

What is your Synthetic’s Personality?
The personality of Moreng will be one of honor, hope and integrity. The personality is based off what I would think a samruaii would beleive is most important, as the Moreng family is asian in origin, the relation between Moreng and the Moreng family is only name, the reason they have the same name is because they are based off one of the family members who was part of the Weyland-Yutani corperation in the Special Services Department.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?
As I explained in the personality part Moreng has a honorable and integral personality, this therefore would make them act with the proper respects to each rank, and would also recognize the honor they see in people, if someone has done something dishonorable Moreng would try to stay away from them in fear of the person performing a dishonorable act near or on them. He is based on the Moreng family line and parts of japanese culture in the Edo period, the fashion of Moreng would also be for a relatively hot or humid area, so things like sunglasses or sleeveless T-shirts to suit to hot and humid climate of the asian region. Moreng is also interested in family matters as they long for an understanding how family can effect peoples choices and other such things. A logline for Moreng would be “Power over mind, not outside events” this quote is similar to a famous Marcus Aurelius quote, the reason I chose this line was because Moreng is supposed to be honorable, and there is no honor in making the wrong choices if you had a choice.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
I want to become a synth is to give me and others a better and enhanced RP experience, not just RP but just general gameplay helping out with tasks when ordered, patching up wounded and other such things.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?
I have 2, a memorable action I remember from months back was one where a synth saved me from a critical condition on the front lines, they also gave me critical medical information like teaching me about unga juice and all that. The most recent one though was helping out a working joe while he was transporting a nuke to the COs office this was during a zombie outbreak and the nuke stopped the virus from spreading from the Almayer.

Synthetic Character Story:
“Moreng you blithering idiot get over here and get this fucking private up” a shout came from around the corner obviously a concerned comrade had dragged hi friend out of the fray and into and clear spot, the whole place was crowded with spent ammunition and blood on the floor, the USCM had been engaged with the CLF for only a couple minutes and already marines were down. Moreng turns the corner and approaches the comrade “I’m here, you do not need to fret anymore about your comrade, I will take care of him.” The man ran back to the front lines leaving Moreng with the injured marine. Gunfire was getting ever closer to Moreng, out of self-preservation they decided to drag the bloodied marine back to the fob for further treatment. Moreng drags the body into the fob and towards a hastily set up medical area, “what do we have here another dead marine?” a member from the medical team asked, “The marine is not dead, he has severe wounds in both his torso and right arm, lungs have been punctured and are filling with blood, I have already applied a dose of Ti, and quikclot, surgery is required.” Moreng responded, the doctor gave a nod in response and Moreng went back to his duty of being a frontline medic. The radio crackles and an unknown personal states “Sargent Lundy is down urgent medical treatment required at the southern front.”

“I am on my way, please inform me about any clear wounds or burns” Moreng reaches the frontline and again treats and takes the marine back to the fob for further medical treatment. This goes on for the remainder of the operation until they fall back to USS Eumundi, “The CLF are very dishonourable people, Sergeant, they use unorthodox tactics and cause great harm in horrible ways. I advise you to not go back down there unless to save your fellow marines” Moreng was walking along the sergeant he saved during the operation “I also add, that you survived against miraculous odds, it was only due to the quick thinking and medical treatment from your fellow marines that you survived, be it not for them you would have been dead now”

“Cheers Moreng, I’ll be sure to thank those men, and bloody hell yea those CLF are a tough crowd to crack ey”

“Indeed, the use of guerrilla warfare has been used in many rebellious groups in history, they all seem to resort to the same tactics,I dislike these tactics as I deem them dishonourable as I said before. Not being able to cooperate with each is a curse, seeing as there are larger more grander problem like xenomorphs on hand” Moreng explained

After returning to the ship Moreng returned to their normal duties taking care of the ship etc. while walking down a hallway an obviously drunk marine comes charging at Moreng with speed shouting “FUCK YOU YOU BLOODY ANDROID, YOU KILLED JACK!” Moreng reacted quickly absorbing the blow, trying not to harm the drunk marine Moreng held him in place, “I am sorry for your loss marine, but I don’t hurt marines, if your friend is dead he may have died to something out of my control. Do you require help finding your way back to your bunks?” Moreng responded

“No you bloody bot I don’t need no help from you” the marine responded.


A have an average understanding.

I’ve been an SO in multiple missions and SL many times, so I’m quite familiar

Quite familiar.

Don’t do it a lot but I know how to.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
In self defense scenarios, so moving wounded, guarding FoB, this is only if assistance from others nearby is ineffective or unable to arrive in time.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

Are you currently banned from our Discord?

Let us know why you were discord banned.

Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
I enjoy RP a lot I even play CL a lot of the time so I’m familiar with rp situations.

Well for one, you need to place an actual name of a marine/xeno that you play rather than say a last/middle name of several marines you play. Makes it easier for people to recognize you as you. So that’s a knock off your application for a start.

Secondly, your name. While unique I am not sure it will work given why you choose it. Though I am not a WLed synthetic or member of the council. But given my many applications for synthetic, one lesson that stuck to me is the name one (I ignored it simply due to being stubborn but that’s besides the point). Moreng is, from what information I have gleamed, your name for most marines you play as, since you haven’t listed any names which we could pull from anyway. And this, by my many counts of attempted applications is a knock against your application once again.

Thirdly, Synthetics are emotionless machines that are given plastic/synthetic skin blend into the human population. This means their concept of honor, fear, hate, love, and even culture means nothing to them and thusly they will not change much of what they would do in situations when compared to other synthetics. This means they will not ‘Fear’ a dishonorable person(s), they may display this emotion but ultimately not account it in their actions after this emotion is displayed.

This means they would not avoid a person(s) or stay away from them. A machine would only be “fearful” should it’s functionality be at presently at risk of ceasing. Otherwise it will likely do nothing in regards to fear or dishonorable people.

Fourthly, your story has… effort. placed in it but needs something more. When I read it, it seemed quite boring and frankly didn’t show much of personality within your synthetic aside from your dishonorable thing. Perhaps use google docs and do some time within it. You can make some really good looking stories with google docs.


You. Need. To. Be. A. God. In. Everything. when in regards to nigh all departments and jobs within the almayer and groundside assaults. Means you need to be brilliantly good with req, engineering, medical, and command to know at least 90% of it all within your memory. This is due to synths literally being a machine and thusly being held to higher standards. They don’t allow noobs to play synthetic for a bloody reason! Spend time in every role, suggest to 20 hours in every department at least.


Your combat response is absolutely non existent. It doesn’t even remotely display the situations adequately and in detail of when/where/how and why a synthetic would defend itself or others.

All in all I can only -1 this application, good thought and ideas but simply not the right role for them. Plus you are not within my memory at all, I can’t vouch for you in any area due to this. Along with this read and ask councilors for advice and information, question how to make a proper application! You are a few steps behind the goal. You simply need more effort and time!

Disclaimer: I am not a WLed synthetic or Council member, do not take my advice seriously and with a grain of salt as It just might be totally wrong or partly correct.


Hey yea sorry I guess I was a bit vague with my name, the main marine I play with is called Mi Moreng. I plan on expanding the story for the next application, adding more unique and fascinating traits. I’ve been spending more time in the roles I haven’t really played such as req and all that. All in all thanks for giving me your advice, and I’ll take it into consideration next app If I get denied (p.s I’m aussie so that my hinder my vouches as there’s normally 100-80 people on when I play)

Hi Zed, thanks for the application.

Before we get into the details there are a large amount of grammatical errors which could have been caught and fixed with some proofreading. It is important that you show on your app the ability to maintain a high level of punctuation and grammar as Synthetics are expected to be near perfect in such a matter.

The name of Moreng directly correlates with your human character(s) and this is something we try to avoid just for the sake of maintaining a level of immersion. For example, imagine if there was a whole family of Marines in the same unit and they even had an APC named after them within the same battalion. It’s a little far fetched right?

I’m happy to see that you were inspired by samurai in your personality, and you did showcase some degree of your quirk in your story. It’s not perfect but with some revisions you could maintain a similar character if you wished. Just less Moreng stuff, and for example, more about the actual quirk about Edo period.

Experience answers were really short and also lacking. This is problematic and you should elaborate more on them.

Combat answer was not necessarily wrong separately but you labeled everything at once and thus its wrong. Also you just barely skimmed the surface, but that’s alright.

Overall I strongly recommend you get some more experience in the various support roles, and have a look at some accepted applications to get a feel of the standard. I would say you can keep something similar to your current personality/quirk, but the name should probably go.

Overall I cannot accept an application of this state, but due to the time this application sat for I’ll waive half of the reapplication time, so you may re-apply starting on May 27th. However, I would strongly recommend you reach out to some councilors and/or WL app help before you post your next application. And do use some time to proofread your work.

Best of luck!

ps. We have councilors and advisors in every time zone, so don’t worry about not being seen. :slight_smile: