[3042] Removes ez injectors from basic first aid kits

by the way, if QC won’t be a thing in the future, as well as bica’s OD IB healing, what about giving properties of QC to bica’s OD, but making it weaker?

don’t really see how the role between medic and rifleman is blurred at all
if the purpose of this is to nerf pfc sustainability, just say that in the PR and it won’t be questioned; otherwise a first aid kit pfc can not do the duties of a medic at all except for himself


all these EZ injector nerfs is gonna make medics the new PFC+ that only heal themselves and occasionally heal somebody from crit so they don’t get role banned

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Personally, I believe this will make the PFC experience just,

take damage, use trama and bi/kelo inject
walk all the way back to fob to refill
return to front
Medics shouldn’t be the only way of being healed as not all roles have that ability, i.e. scout spec. Additionally, I believe that at least tramadol should have 2 uses since both burn and brute damage will cause pain, unless you have both damages, your character will stay in pain

Can’t even refill emergency auto injectors groundside from what I’ve see personally.

this pr isn’t the one you’re providing feedback on, given this pr is closed