A typical Bravo FOB.


Let this be the thread we share bad fobs or bat shit insane fobs


bloons cades


Worst thread on the Forum. Burn with fire you all are not free of sin.



I thought this thread was for bad cades? That is based.


I made this earlier today replying to someone asking for help with their hydro fob design

I know we all have our personal little autisms about how to build cadelines but can we please start accepting that main throughways need to handle high volumes of traffic and that a 1 tile wide cade is unacceptable? I’m REALLY getting tired of seeing 8 marines all trying to fit through 1 doorway at the same time and it’s even worse if I’m one of the fools getting help shuffled out of the cade and turned into perma xenobait because of it.

Cades need to be designed like actual roads: You have your 4+ lane highways, your lower capacity through streets, and your very low capacity local streets and roads. This isn’t just how road networks work, it’s how every arterial/transportation system in nature works. If you look at the arteries in your body they will look the same way because that is simply the best design for transporting and moving things in our universe and it carries straight into CM too.

The current cade design I’m seeing every round that is in vogue for whatever reasons, are (like the top image) a huge collection of 1 tile wide cades. It’s like if your heart were connected to the rest of your body by capillaries and not arteries.

Furthermore take a look at this:

Notice that people who want to mill around aimlessly, people who want to sit on cadelines shooting aliens, and medics who want to treat wounded people - all have places they can stand that won’t be in the way of foot traffic? All those blue areas are free spaces for people who do not need to get from A to B and will not impede the traffic of those who ARE getting from A to B.

There is nobody trying to run lengthwise along a cadeline where you might have 5 people lined up and shooting at xenos - they will run BEHIND those cadehuggers. There are no areas medics HAVE to treat someone ‘in the middle of the road’ - they can pull someone off to the side and not get shuffled around.

Once you do this sort of arterial design thought process, your entire cade design automatically improves. People get around faster, and get less frustrated, people get bodyblocked less often, you can fit an entire squad trying to run away from the queen all at once, and you can place ammo and supplies down so that someone reloading their gun won’t get in the way of someone running through your cadeline.

Regarding foot traffic, albeit these are just rough estimates from experience:
1-tile doorway: ~2-3 people at once MAX
2-tile doorway: ~8-12 people at once (Notice: That’s more people than if you had 2x 1-tile doors placed away from each other)
3-tile doorway: 25+ easily - think of how little trouble the traffic is from briefing hall to the dropship for what can be 50 or more marines

Notice that increasing your door width doesn’t increase the amount of people who can fit through in a linear fashion but instead in a more exponential fashion. 3x separate 1-tile doors might fit 9 people at once (probably less) vs basically the entire marine force if those 3 doors were combined together. Design your cades by asking how many people you think are going to try and squeeze through that spot potentially all at once.










Holy fuck, based. You should make an FOB building guide, you put things to word so easily


I see the man is a fan of Billy Joel. New Yorks own. Moving out. Great cades. Go yanks. @Cassie451. Where have you been Brother?

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had this discussion in discord sc channel already, but schizo cades are unironically underrated

they WORK


fun and schizo cades all day over autism maximum effort cades

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Ratnest cades don’t do anything to xenos - they just slash straight through them instead of going the long way around or pathfinding the doorway tiles like its a tower defense game.

Players take lowest effort path and for xenos the lowest effort path is almost always a straight line.

I don’t really consider these schizo cades they’re unironically pretty good.


  • Multiple compartments
  • There is no shortcut through compartments that bypass lots of other compartments
  • The cade doors are all aligned with each other making marine movement easy

Sort of Plus and Minus: The weird cades at the very front take more effort to destroy than to walk around so, like breakwater structures on a coastline, xeno movement is retarded without appearing to present an actual obstacle; these would be a really good thing to incorporate into further fob designs if you can get random dumbass engineers to not fill in the gaps with a full cadeline (no you can’t), also has the problem of outgoing marine shots destroying them quickly and it will retard marine offensive movements the same as it does xeno.


  • People sitting on cadelines will be shuffled around by people trying to move around the cadeline
  • Very low throughput you can only defend this cadeline with like maybe 5 people max any more than that and its gonna be a lot of FF

all fortifications pictured below were randomly generated by the game’s AI director










hey man my job is to put down cades, not think about how im gonna do it


Yeah the staggered front cades took a lotta damage from bullets
On the bright side tho, they were easy to repair. They also ate a brunt of the boiler onslaughts, after xenos withdrew all engis had to do was go out and repair 3-4 cades the destruction of which didn’t actually lead to consequences/breaches. It was pretty hugebrained.

Also they didn’t need any more than 3-5 marines guarding that entire choke for the whole round lol

Everyone called the Bravo SL a madman, till the xenos came and his cades withstood the test of combat


Lovely designs! So does stacking cades and sandbags together just make them act as one unit taking the same damage? Or do they take individual damage?

I agree. The asymmetrical cades make it hard for the xenos to pinpoint where to attack. Symmetrical/Uniform designs make it much easier to figure out where to attack.

Great design! Not bad at all.