A Way to Fix the Fundamental Flaws of Whiskey Outpost

I think WO is fundamentally flawed as its ‘Forever FOB Siege the Gamemode’

The best parts are when the defenses starts to fall but many rounds this doesn’t occur with xeno strength being eh at best

IMO it should be a fast paced, ‘xenos get progressively more powerful with no cap, no marine win condition’ type gamemode, with surviving past certain intervals being the round results.

-Marines survive 35 - 44 minutes: Bronze Medal
-Marines survive 45 - 49 minutes: Silver Medal
-Marines survive 50+ minutes: Gold Medal

With surviving past 60 minutes being practically impossible with the xeno strength at that point.

There shouldn’t be a “Marine Victory”, just a “Marines succeeded this much” like the L4D2 Survival Gamemode/BO2 Zombies.

Honestly it works better as a hvh game mode, given that it’s pretty much what warfan’s hvh USCM beachhead vs UPP base map was like.

I think WO would of worked if marines needed to go on offense at least 10% of the time. To temporary hold some point for example.