ACID Harness

While playing as a scientist, I noticed that ACID Harness is not used at all (at least I have not seen it), although it has great potential. Injecting any medication without waiting for a doctor and without wasting time on self-medication is amazing. But still no one uses them.
It seems to me that this device needs at least more slots, or a simpler recipe for making (although the recipe is already simple), or at least the ability to insert large ampoules, not 30 vials.
Perhaps this will make it more popular.

They ought to make it inject acid into you.

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I think it was changed to take small beakers but its not too useful. Maybe to dose you with neurocryogenics after you die that’s it. It’s too slow to give you healing drugs on time.

isn’t there only one? not a big research player.

typically research has 2, with the possibility of making more as the only hard to get component is the actual webbing/vest the ACID components attach to.

Regardless, its not used often as it needs a bigger capacity for it to be useful.

On the same vein, the chances of you surviving are higher. But its also a higher chance of not slowly dieing when you go into critical, giving the xenos more time to drag you to their hive and thusly more time to get an extra capture. This is the main reason I believe, along with the fact you trade 5 slots for 2 (which one needs to be a battery, the other needs to be a vial). In the current meta, its not that useful, only time it is useful is when it is a non xenomorph threat and it’s usefulness only stretches to the chemicals inside of the vial.

In other words, its a noob trap in its current state. It has a small pocket area where it can be used, mainly on hijack where captures arent needed, but outside this its not at all useful.

only one medicine slot and one battery slot

If water still can react with potassium in body, you can make suicide vests.


SHHH they’ll git rid of it like they got rid of planting c4 on yourself.

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I use it when I am talking to greenos but it has its problems it only checks if your status changes then injects you it is supposed to check to see if you meet the criteria and it does not.

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Currently, I find the best use for the ACID vest is to prevent crit marines from dying, a simple 1/2 ina 1/2 tric will save many people, of course, this comes to to the consequence of storage space for the marine which for many will be a deal breaker.

Not only that, but death has very little consequences in this game, a marine may prefer just to die and get revived rather than spare the storage space.

Maybe this could be more useful during permadeath events.

Maybe this could be more useful during permadeath events.
Holy shit your smart, i never thought of it being used that way, does the medilathe on WO fabricate ACID vests? cause then I think you found a new meta.

no medilathe produces acid vest, to produce one, you must have a webbing and some other things added that myself have forgotten since it’s so rarely used, but you should be able to find it on the wiki.

Haven’t used it personally, but what I gather from people talking about it is that it is:

  1. Hard to get a hold of
  2. Clunky to use
  3. Not very useful when it’s actually working

IMO just simplify it down:
Take up a webbing slot
Available through requisitions or maybe squad prep in limited amount
Preloaded with tricord (maybe inaprov to extend risk of being capped using it)
Click+drag onto a nanomed to refill
Automatically works
Can’t fill with other drugs (maybe subject to change? But it keeps it simple)

I don’t think that would be amazing, but it’d be better than how it is now and people would probably give it a try.

After awhile revisit and see if it could use improvements in usability, accessability, and nerfing/buffing.

ina has no impact if you are getting capped or not, it’s all based on pain levels

inaprovaline will keep you alive but in crit because it slows/prevents oxyloss damage accumulating.