add a new role : prisoner

you could choose to spawn as a perma prisoner.
or you could have a lesser tier ban that just job ban you from every job except from prisoner …
the best would be to have a way to transmit what crime as been commit worth him being a prisoner.

just trowing this WIP here see what people think

50 comms for griefing…

This was test merged before. It seemed like people didn’t want bloat roles. Look for the MR on GitHub and speak with the dev about it

thanks i will take a look and post the PR here
it’s just a very raw idea right this giving a lot to think about…

Why was the PR initially denied? Was it due to backlash?

i think it was because of solo MP’s being unable to respond to security requests otherwise they would break SOP. Also peoples concerns of a ‘greif’ role

maybe make them 70 + to avoid having not enough MP or make it admin spawn only that people can request…
maybe more like an event that can be trigger by admin like an inspection…
you get some random prisoners send via a shuttle…

Marines (MP mains) did not want to have a grief role as technically the Liaison is already a ‘griefer’ in some cases.

Allowing this is just an excuse for people to break out of perma, then use the justification for being hunted to grief the server and kill marines.

Sounds like a “xenocord” role if you ask me.

Why would you even need such a role, or who would want to play it? I mean, if you end in permabrig in “normal” SS13, you are usually some sort of antag and have something to do after breaking out, and most likely another antag to help you break out, plus a license to do antagoistic actions. Here, you are in fact just sitting in a 3x3 cell while forcing some poor MP to sit next to you. And maybe break out some times, which will probaly cause you to self-antag and get gunned down by some triggerhappy marine.

Just move my spawn point into the brig jail please and thanks.

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We are not a cops and robbers game.

Then why do the MPs keep chasing and arresting me then?

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Because MPs have no real job to do, but are still needed in case the CL starts a shooting.

If you played MP before, you know there are a lot of griefers

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There are people doing shit, but after all marines deployed, there are only a few people committing crimes aboard. At roundstart, you often get lots of window breakers or stealers or chair fights or whatnot, but that’s only for the first twenty minutes of the round, after that they often have nobody to arrest.

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This would honestly just be an MP PVP role

What would you even do as a prisoner? Sounds boring as fuck

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All the comments about grief roles, my guy you are in the brig, everyone in there is playing with the intention of grief role half the time. Give them what they want.

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NGL I’d love to brig start as Gramps. Not only would it soft-remove 1 MP, but some of my best RP has come from MPs. Starting perma-brigged is probably not ideal since no yard. @lurzefromgermany yeah MPs soft grief all the time, or did you mean rines?

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bro that shit was 6 months old when you posted