Add a new Xeno Class only i can play

Class name: The forgotten beast


  • Body changes color as he walks, going thru 8 different collors

  • A little bit bigger than the queen, has cool spikes all over his body

  • Has a cool metal arm because he was born in a lab

  • Glowing eyes


  • 1200 health
  • 600 armor
  • 2000 plasma


What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger:

  • After 3 seconds without suffering damage, my xeno can take the bullets embedded on his body and use their metal for his armor, gaining armor equals to 50% of damage taken in the last 30 seconds (this stacks up to 3000 max armor)

Forgotten Beast

  • He was forgotten for being a beast, so he does not have to answer to queen, he has his own mind
  • Can see 3 tiles more than a normal xeno

Xenomorph revenge

  • His mom was killed by a yautja, so we hants the revenge
  • Immune to all yautja weapons, gains a 50% speed boost when there are yautja on the map
  • More damage agaisnt them


Hunter you cant see

  • Becomes invisible indefinitelly, can attack and pounce while invisible
  • Toggle ability

Venomous acid spit

  • Spits acid on a 5x5 area in front of him, hitting all in that area
  • 50 Burn damage + passive 5 burn damage while acid is in body
  • 5 second cooldown

Hear me roar

  • Basically queen screech, but with 1 second more stun and 50% less cooldown

I got you now

  • Pounces on a tile, knocking down everyone on a 3x3 area around it for 1.9 seconds
  • Auto-Slashes around with his tail once on the 3x3 area
  • If the pounce hits someone, he can instantly pounce back after the slash so he can run away

Feast of blood

  • Regenerates 60% of all damage dealt by him for the next 20 seconds
  • Plays midi “RULES OF NATURE” for the entire server every time its activated

The forgotten beast was born in a lab his mom died to a yautja he ahs a cool metal arm and listens to linkin park and rage against the machine


seems little underwhelming should make it stronger so its not too weak.




This is completely stupid for one reason:

Xenos don’t have eyes.

if you got rid of the glowing eye part NOW i could see it being added but with eyes? No way.


Lab born xenos can have eyes, as a treat.


They do on the wiki


That’s for the starship troopers CM server not the aliens CM server.


Check wiki

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Wiki is for Starship troopers one not Aliens.


Check wiki

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HMMmmm… The forgotten Beast huh? You mean this thing?

cm dark abboration 2


You could add this and marines would still find a way to kill it

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Thats jennifer


This guy sold me coke behind Tescos.

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If I get the 4000 damage instagib katana at roundstart, you can have this.

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Only if we bring back navy ranks.