Add a section to ML allowing Forced Cryostasis for Perma prisoners

Do that for SSD permas rather than live ones.

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If MPs are bold enough to perma someone… then they accept the responsibility of watching them.

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The responsibility of watching perma prisoners straight up doesn’t exist, they only need to guard normal ones

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True. With great power comes great responsibility.

People keep replying to this thread, but nobody’s actually corrected you and solved the issue and helped you out.

You don’t need to watch prisoners in permanent confinement. What you must do, however, is monitor their requests for an appeal (if they have not done one as of yet, or want to fax a denied one). It’s in the same sentence that requires you to watch prisoners in the brig, in the first place:

Protection and Medical Treatment

All prisoners must be kept safe and unharmed, to this end, as long as there are prisoners in the brig, an MP or the Chief MP must remain in the brig at all times except if the only prisoners have been placed in permanent confinement or there is an Emergency Situation. Treatment should take place inside the brig when possible.

Hopefully this can still be of some help.

Its necessary for there to be a way for a prisoner to appeal their sentence, forced cryostasis would not permit this to occur.

I could see there being a mechanism wherein a prisoner can consent to be being paced into cryostasis for “future” trial as an alternative request to permanent confinement, and then allowing the prisoner to willingly be able to be placed into stasis without needing to go SSD.

Yes, logically it would make complete sense for any prisoners to be placed into stasis for a proper, future, trial, but in game we don’t have that luxery.


Very true. I think this is a terrible idea.

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What do you mean mechanism to be placed in cryostasis, just hop into a normal cryopod?

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