Add a section to ML allowing Forced Cryostasis for Perma prisoners

Currently there are only two ways of dealing with a perma prisoner:
1.Execution which has the problem of permanently closing a slot for the rest of the round so that means if the player was a Spec or some other important limited role that role is locked for the rest of the round.
2.Have an mp watch the perma prisoner for the rest of the round meaning that if all their appeals were denied then one MP needs to sit in brig for the rest of the round making sure the prisoner doesn’t kill himself (and before you say that’s MW’s job a lot of people don’t play MW so that means that if there’s no MW one MP has to spend the rest of the round watching the prisoner which can be quite boring)

I suggest an alternative to both of the above in the form of Forced Cryostasis. the way it would work is similar to an execution in that the prisoner has some time to fax an appeal to provost before they are put into stasis and both CMP and XO must sign off on it or alternatively just CO, this would allow new players to join as the limited role and would free up MPs to deal with more important issues. The in-universe explanation can be that they are being moved into cryo for a court marshal once the Marines arrive back at Chinook.


Honestly I can see this working and I love the idea

From Ideaguys to Policy Feedback

Once the prisoner is in perma brig MPs dont necessarily need to watch them, according to ML.

Regarding the slot issue, I think players need to learn that their IC actions have consequences. Being permanently removed from the round is part of the game. If a spec does something that ends up in execution the slot shouldnt magically open IMO.

While I know that devs are against players being able to fuck up the round with their actions like mentioned in a recent topic, Im totally against their stance. This is a teamplay game. Removing every single element that might lead to someone losing or dying will just turn this into CoD, not a roleplaying game. Your specialist kills someone? They will get arrested and you will lose the spec. A shame, but its how it is.

Also, the player will probably just be punished OOC by staff anyways.

Awful Idea.

What’s that? You got a charge for DeSeRtIoN!? Permanent Cryo for you. The list of perma-able charges as part of RP is long enough that round removing someone because you dont want to deal with them as an MP is kinda silly.


I mean you could say the same about execution. And every perma charge that isn’t a precautionary charge is one you can be executed for.

Killing somebody and putting them in a cryopod are two very different things, to execute you’d need either CMP and XO approval or CO approval, and even if you still needed it for cryo, I think you can see how that’s a lot easier to get.

Yeah I get the idea but I feel like this would be a little too power gaming.

If I recall a perma prisoner is allowed to cryo themselves if they don’t want to spend time in brig. But I’m against allowing for them to be forcefully cryo’ed execution is one thing and typically is only authorized in the event of say mass murder or sedition in my experience.

As far as an MP having to watch a prisoner sorry to say but that’s just the role of an MP don’t play it if you don’t have the heart for all responsibility


If you’ve been unfairly charged then ahelp it. Simple as.

Also… meh idea. One person does not have to watch all round, people can rotate. Also, you are not obligated to watch these people. If they suicide, admins may make an IC announcement or they’ll perma, really only an IC issue.

Some people also RP while in perma. As a CMP, I have allowed perma prisoners cell upgrades such as carpet/special food or give them yard time for good behavior. Perma prisoners are people, and a lot are open to RP if you engage with them. Break the mold and don’t be a stereotypical MP - a lame camera watching goon - be a fun MP.


It would be nice if these werent the ONLY options.

Forcing perma prisoners to do menial labor such as reception for the brig, or mopping floors would be far funnier.

So one thing people forget with perma prisoners, you can assign them to a penal company if you get a Co to change the SoP. I love doing this and having them deploying with nothing but a prisoner jumpsuit

Not a fan of forced cryo as it just seems like a lazier execution. At least executions have rp and add to someone’s round

There’s no way you didn’t type that and thought you cooked

Lol with ic action results in a Lrp ooc punishment

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True man.

what are u talking about? what ooc punishment?

There is cryoing permanently imprisoned marines, it’s called execution.

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Executions are old, some new way to deal with prisoners is needed.

First of all, i don’t know if you noticed, you can’t mechanically cryo anyone who is not SSD even if you wanted regardless. Second there’s a reason you why there’s so many hoops even with execution because you are removing someone from the round permanently. There’s going through appeals etc.

While it makes sense from IC in a way to put someone in a freezer cause they will receive real trial when Almayer docks a military space base, it’s just mechanically impossible to cryo people who are not SSD.

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A new “permabrig freezer” force-ghosting people inserted into it? Second, that was a joke.

If removing characters from the round that caused issues was the way of CM, then MP wouldn’t exist at all, actually just be careful what you wish for if your an MP gamer.

“I don’t want to deal with you or bother rping an execution to the cryo tube you go”

It’s lazy

If MPs feel executing someone is boring, idk what to say. You’re literally killing someone

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