Add a staff officer timelock to heads of staff

We get heads joining a lowpop round just to be CT++/doc++/MT++ with big chat text and fancy rank only to quickly have to read up the wiki about how to create announcements or where CIC is after becoming commander as only command player way too often. When joining as such a command role, you should generally have atleast basic knowledge on how to lead an operation, so it doesn’t end in such a situation. To “fix” this, I suggest adding a rather short staff officer timelock (maybe three rounds or something) so these positions don’t end up having no idea what’s going on when becoming commander.

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3 hours SL / RTO linked timelock maybe, but ungoids generally won’t know shit about anything but their gun until they use the tools themselves through brute force learning

I don’t think a SL or RTO timelock (RTOs are apparently now ungas++ with fancy new names anyways) will do much about people not knowing how to staff CIC.

then how will they get

if not from field experience

Making it an SO timelock would require them to also play SL first to unlock SO, but having basic knowledge of how the CiC works is the important bit

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Ironically I feel like the SL timelock for SO should be reversed and require SO time to play SL


  • You get a map so you easily learn where players are and what the callouts for those locatiosn are and where people generally move
  • You learn the general strategic meta
  • You learn where the telecom locations are
  • You learn how to communicate and organize and direct marines (and how useless it mostly is lol)
  • You have all the skills an SL would have (and some extra)
  • The job is low pressure

It feels like SO is a great training role for playing SL as it teaches you the organizational and macro level stuff. Whereas SL without SO time you’re left pretty hazy on where people should go, how difficult it is to organize retreats/movements, how the firing process of an OB or supply coords works and how long it can take, how completely disorganized things can get, how fast an overextension turns into a total rout, etc.

SL is pretty much the meeting point of unga skill and high level strategy and you need to know how things work from the perspective of both the rifleman and the officer to really know the job the whole way imo.

Biggest downside of course being fewer SL’s and they’re a really vital role that are already rarely filled out (hey maybe we should bring back MK1’s).

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