Add a time limit to Xenos throwing up humans.

Look it just gets real annoying to get devoured by a Ceno and then spat out and disarmed a second later because I got one stab in. There just needs to be a time limit of some kind so devoured humans get some semblance of a chance to burst from Xeno.


I would rather see something like benos having to wait a second before un-voring someone, so fast chads have a chance to quickly put away the five machetes they are carrying.

This would likely, just increase tackle spam, if xenomorphs. Unintended side effects and all that.

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I despise tackle spam. Devour is the lesser of two evils in my opinion. Excellent point Jester.

Sometimes people fumble hard or are bald and you get a chance to kill yourself or escape; but being allowed a second chance after you get vored should be the exception, not the norm. If xenos manage to vore you, they deserve that cap.

Capping is already hard and unfun enough. Especially now with the nerfs, xenos need to cap. Don’t need to add this on top of that; reverse bursting may be cool for you, but it’s cool partly because it’s rare, difficult and unlikely. Also it robs xenos of a cap and a sister, which are both losses xenos can’t afford these days.


It’s weird how marines seem to just want free kills as a reward when they get capped. Getting capped should be a bad thing. Xenos should be able to counter play reverse bursting.

I wouldn’t mind if it was just this but from the sounds of it the exact same complaint would be sent at any other strategy xenos find to avoid getting burst because marines want “some semblance of a chance to burst”. Sorry but if xenos play properly you shouldn’t get to kill them for free just because you got capped, especially with the recent xeno nerfs that make every xeno life extremely precious since you likely won’t respawn

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this post was moved because it has nothing to do with policy and is just an Ideaguys

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