Add an indication/visual for directional armor

As the title says. Unsure how to accomplish this though - would it be possible to make a part of the sprite glow/have an outline like ravs - specifically the crest area? Maybe offset some kinda wall/shield icon to be slightly in front of the caste?

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Doesn’t only charger crusher have directional armor now? Would be epic to add something like this to steelcrest.

I think boiler has it permanently for some weird reason, fortified defenders (only steelcrest??), crusher during charge (only?) and charger.
Would have to re-check each since its a mess.

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Not sure about boilers but both defenders have directional armour on fortify, steelcrest having more. Defender fortify is 65 armour +5 directional, steelcrest fortify is 45 armour + 15 directional. So even from the front base defender is still tankier.
Base crusher I think gets directional armour during the windup for the charge? Not too sure.

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That’s so worthless lol But yeah the confusion’s exactly why it needs some indication. Could be turned into a mechanic that’s actually relevant to gameplay once its visible.

Defenders and boilers do too, no? *last played months ago