Add bongs and cocaine to the list of things CL can pull out of his briefcase

When the MP’s are interoggating me in my office I will pull this out and give them flashbacks to their days in high school smoking pot which really just gave them early onset schizophrenia, contributing to the death of that one civilian that one time, in that alleyway when those two officers were on a cocaine binge and beat that dude a little too hard, and they get flashbacks, and say, have a good day sir and leave my office


CL should legally be able to pull out a fully functional M83 SADAR from their briefcase

True, I wanna see CLs instagibbing half the server for not liking them.

it always been wierd to me that CL can just pull out a crap ton of stuff out of his breafcase

Nah i personally think something more like this

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the fact that the cane the CL can buy doesn’t shoot a single incendiary buckshot round is a crime against humanity

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make it an ap rocket


I think you can hide knifes (machetes? fireaxes?) in it and stealthily slaughter the CO

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Lets see Paul Allens briefcase.

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