Add Breachers in tech tree

As above, add breachers that can drop anywhere on the map except caves. How would deploy them and how would you choose where to drop em is a coder thing. Just get me ODSTs damn it!

What servers being at capacity does to a MF

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I had a stroke reading this

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So basically foxtrot but with drop pods? I think we would only get foxtrots crying about not being able to pick a loadout or anything. Also, @staff, move to acid goop.

the droppod turns into a foxtrot only vendor upon landing

No, breachers have different weapons and equipment. Better weapons and equipment.

Thank god devs dont listen to this place.


Move this to Acid Goop cause this ain’t gonna happen


@c4xmaniac this is your jam.

True this should be added but only for me

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Can you make an exception for me?

Can I get one as well?

I doubt he will but you are bold to ask.


They should drop in the middle of xeno formations, with lots of prior warning like a flare on the ground + giant bright animated markers indicating exactly where a marine will land + about 10 seconds to actually land so xenos have plenty of time to prepare for it

hmm ok but only because you’re my cousin

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I think the breachers should be made more unique instead of just being regular ungas. Maybe they could call in air support and OBs by having to mash their arrow keys before throwing a flare or lase? Otherwise it’s just too easy for them to call CAS instantly behind enemy lines.

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Haha nepotism for the win

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Literally 1984