Add M41As to Brig and Hangar armories

I’d like to see M41As be added to the Brig and Hangar armories. Standard mags would go with them and not AP unless you think that appropriate.

Reasoning: MPs should have easier access to M41As on code red.

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I’d rather MPs got M41As instead of M4RAs. Like what sense does it make to have a marksman rifle for shipside security/CQC? It is not that good either way. Just keep shotties and m39s and add the M41As as a higher calibre solution. I would be in favour of giving MPs AP mags though. It makes sense that they have access to means hat give them advantage over armoured targets like rogue marines or boarders.


You could argue it would be better to just add two gun vendors into the brig armory, letting the MPs choose from the standard guns aviable without having to search through a room full of same-looking lockers until they find their gun and can start shooting criminals. But yes, if it stays the current way, definitively replace the M4RAs with M41As, as currently the MPs have to decide between shotguns (possible they only have slugs?), M39 which are more or less a downgrade from the M41A unless you run dual-wield or something and M4RAs which will get them wrecked by anyone smart having a real gun. About the AP ammo, I think especially with M41As you don’t need AP ammo for the average marine, as long as either side is not too dumb, the one who shot first wins anyways. For xenos, not a big fan of command and MPs basically getting standard-issue AP ammo causing them to go unga on T3s.

Gun vendors do sound like a better solution.

Options for MP gun vendors make sense to me, but adding more vendors which may expand Brig footprint I am not a fan of.

What do you mean “expand brig footprint”, they would just get added where the gun lockers (except the riot ones) are currently, however I don’t know if it’s possible to lock vendors to code red.

Regular MPs cannot access the armories on Code Green without help so standard vendors would work. Carrying long arms on green is against ML anyways.

Yeah, but on code blue, MPs would be able to access the code red weapons if the vendors couldn’t be locked to code red.

MPs or the CMP to be specific could be held responsible for policing (ironic) MPs from taking code red firearms on a code blue for a smoother transition. Or just divide the armory room with a wall in the middle. If possible code the right to be opened on Code Blue + with riot gear and on the left the code red weapons.