Add MUSIC and SOUL to the USS Almaye

Some music items, such as a guitar, trumpet, drumset, etc etc to be scattered around the Almayer. Allow players to play bits and pieces of pre-chosen songs (similar to what is done w/ instruments in Sea of Thieves), or even let them find music on the planet which they can learn to play. A patch of some sort would also be neat, maybe have it as a custom loadout option or hidden somewhere on the Almayer. There should be a decent cooldown on instrument uses, and it should probably slow you while playing so as to avoid people spamming it on the battlefield.

Lore for this is simple, in an effort to boost morale the CO of the Almayer had a small marine-band formed, however manpower issues have meant the members of the Almayer band have had to fight planetside.

Pros of this are for one, shocking soul. For two, more customization of characters without harming the round. For three, you can have the guy with the trumpet play TAPS next time there’s a debriefing at the marine memorial.


Sounds like a great idea.

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As an addendum, The United States Marine Corps Hymn should be played as well.

i am calling dibs on the trumpet

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