Add stairs to Ice Colony Classic

This is very much a “I’m fucking pissed from last round” kind of idea.

Ice right now encourages some of the most absolutely horribly mind-numbingly asshole gameplay which revolves around both sides literally camping the ladder and/or elevator waiting until to see which side gives up first. It’s gotten to the point where it’s basically becoming a stack of bricks on the normal roundflow of CM, it is delaying the round with basically no reason.

Instead of outright asking for Ice to be removed, I have this one beautiful, amazing, outstanding idea that will get rid of this issue.

Add stairs. Ice can still have its niche of being underground, but no more ladder camping. Instead relying on a singular (or multiple) staircase(s). This staircase, one little staircase can fix everything, as no more stunlocking and trapping xenos in barricades and vice-versa. And actually puts some fucking action into a map that basically lacks it. Ice can keep its elevators and ladders, but please just add stairs so the marines and xenos don’t have this sort of division where either side can just basically do… Nothing. It sucks, I just want to play CM without job simulator 2.0.

Thank you for listening to my hatred fuelled idea.


Ice won’t be remaining with us as a permanent map ergo I doubt we’ll see any changes to the map outside of the minimum to make the map run.

Hey, sorry to jump into what is probably a constant complaint in OOC, discord, forums, etc. I’m just wondering why this map was added back for “the holiday season” / “all of December” in the first place? It has major balancing issues, sometimes causing rounds to go for a long time (hours) with 0 action happening anywhere. It has been causing massive serverpop decreases before the map has even changed (120+ players down to >80) ~ and, correct me if I’m wrong, but it can also cause annoying issues with the map voting if it has been chosen too many times without a break, where someone manually picks another map (not sure might be wrong? Just what I’ve seen in recent days?).

Personally when I have only so many hours to play on certain days of the week, it seems like a complete waste of time to spend 1-2 hours (or more) playing Ice Colony to be rewarded with no action or fun moments until the eventual nuke/xeno players pushing hard using their map advantage. It seems like the map is generally disliked or loathed by all, which is a shame because it has some cool concepts incorporated into it like heat, building fortifications with snow and the elevators.

On the Github Pull Req, BroseidonMOO comments: “We bring back Ice V1 for all of December, so we can enjoy the holiday spirit and suffering. It will be an example to all of how things used to be, and why they should love the glorious new maps”. Again, if we all know that Ice is disliked then I’m not sure what the goal was to reintroduce it to the map pool, especially for a whole month? Surely we’d be better off with something as simple as a Christmas Tree sprite on the ship, rather than something that I’d argue is an overall negative rather than a positive?

I can assure Broseidon and everyone on the server, player or staff, that we can; “love the glorious new maps”, without having Ice Colony as an anchor in the map rotation for an entire month.

Vote ice and leave :slight_smile:


No one is going to waste their time editing Ice because their time would be better spent doing anything else, probably wouldn’t even get approved. People hate Ice because if marines push underground they have a massive disadvantage and if marines camp topside they have a massive advantage. So out of like ~30 ice rounds that have been played so far, the majority of them have ended ina nuke being set off. But oddly enough this has caused a lot more natural roleplay to occur during rounds, especially more recent rounds now that a lot of the players who have never seen it before have played it and understand the gist of it. Also starting to see more meme strategies like hard committing to pushing underground via elevators to just get annihilated by a single boiler to xeno making their hive at comms tower from the start. Long story short it doesn’t need editing, map is old and bad but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on it

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What did we do to deserve this punishment? Ice was never nice… :cold_face:

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Ice was fun for the first few days, but it’s really awful letting the map stay this long. I genuinely don’t know who thought it was a good idea for it to still be in rotation the whole month.


Not part of the classic V1 ice design so denied instantly

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Its a nostalgic map. Some people like it, including myself. it will be out of rotation in a few days. Just play something else when ice is voted until then.


Ice is nice

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Ice is back to show you exactly why it was removed, not to actually come back.

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and it’s not even ice V2 it’s 2017 ice.

I mean I understand, I personally like some maps/features that most others seem to hate; but it was my understanding this would be in rotation for the entire month of December? Did I miss something stating it’d be gone in a few days?

The addition of ice to December was actually a mappercord plot to make us stop bitching about NV, Sorokyne and Chances. It’s working completely as intended. If anything we should remove the entire underground except for Crashed Ship and force all xenos to hive there for the rest of December.


you know what. Fuck it, reverse positions. Have both LZs be underground and xenoes HAVE to hive above ground.

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Unironically TRUE. Think about it for a minute. They picked ice V1 the version from 2017 no one cared about. NOT the classic Ice V2 this entire thing was a plan to make us like the newer maps.



So many people still gaslight me by saying ice is good

No its fucking not.

I was there when some ice rounds went for like 8 hours.

It suckkkks

Bring back prison instead.


Any map with multiple z levels should take inspiration from the Almayer with its stairs and ladder placement. The Almayer got some minor issues but it’s one of my favorite maps to fight xenos on.


Ice is good, you’re overreacting and being highly emotional over this issue. Your hatred for ice is blinding you with irrationality and poor judgement.
It’s ok. It happens. It’s not your fault. We’re here to support you in your hour of need. Ice is nice.

There’s no need to improve ice, all it needs is to be removed and deleted from the code and any archives, story’s or museums. Never to be heard again, due to its terrible gameplay. 2 Hours until nuke go boom, litterally wastes my free time that I could be spending to play LV Solaris LV Solaris LV Solaris Fiorina LV Solaris LV Solaris. Tsk tsk, such a waste.

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This is gonna be controversial for sure, but I’d rather want one two to three hours long ice colony match with no LV-624, then having LV-624 be played 30-40% of the time.