Add tourniquets to the game & Third degree burns

With how powerful IB’s are now, I think its time to add tourniquets.
These greatly slow down IB’s HOWEVER! if used on a limb you lose function of that limb and you have increased pain as a tradeoff.

Now as for burn, I think adding 3rd degree burns as the counterpart to broken bones would be interesting.
The threshold however for third degree burns has to be much higher than the threshold for broken bones, I was thinking around 100 burn damage for it to reach third degree.

To treat these, like a splint you will need a burn graft.

The surgery for how to treat burns is similar to that of that to repairing a stump only that its slightly different

Scalp > line/fixo > synth-graft.

And unlike to fix a bone, its a T1 surgery meaning medics and nurses can do it. like IB


I’d much rather nerf IBs a bit and add a secondary bleeding type called “Hemorrhaging” or something, which the tourniquets can fix (It would not be able to land on hands/feet, same as IB). But it might be bloat to the current system.

Edit: Would probably make wearing no helmet strictly worse, but eh.

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The reason I want tourniquets, is so that way Marines have the option to opt out of surgery for longer periods of time. Generally being forced to do surgery is a unfun mechanic, but there should always be an incentive to do surgery, IB has no way to have a opt out situation for long periods of time, tourniquets fix that issue.

It is why I gave a way to treat third degree burns on-top of the surgery as a way to opt out of the surgery aspect but still have an option to opt out of it if need be. The consequences of it, to keep an incentive. I haven’t thought about much so that can be placed on other people


i should add, I think allowing any marine to apply a tourniquet is also a positive- as if you have a eye for the symptoms you can recognize when your suffering an IB. I do not think a person should outright know where the IB is, there was a feature when the IB changes were first being added where a medic can check the status of a marine and see where bloating is applying that logic perhaps a marine should recognize where they are having an IB like a broken bone- but that’s not for me to decide.

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The big problem i have with turniquetes and IBs, is that a normal marine should not be able to tell what is an IB or not without having some medical knowledge. Because most cases of IB IRL, are either extremely visable, or kill you while you sleep, where the only reason it would have been found is because its always checked if you get hit/stabbed.

I like the tourniquet idea as a short-term measure, but not necessarily as its own dedicated item. Corpsmen have enough to lug around already and they’d be expected to if tourniquets were added.

Not so much in agreement about the third degree burn, though. While there isn’t a burn equivalent to fracs or IB, I don’t think there needs to be since burn damage is way easier to rack up than brute.

Burn can come from a number of ranged sources and, crucially, via various AOE effects that also apply DoTs. It is overall deployed far more indiscriminately than brute as a form of “soft” damage to get you closer to crit/paincrit.

Fracs, IB, shrapnel and organ damage are plenty of mechanics to keep marines rotating. If fracs and IB were toned waaay down I could see this working (and being really flavorful – I like the idea), but as-is, adding another source of maluses would be too punitive. Especially with acid runners and boilers as they stand currently. No thanks.

Good idea. Or make the ghetto one. Towels and duck tape.

It was an item I was thinking that generally every marine can carry themselves, so they can quickly treat their IB if a medic isnt around.

Again, the threshold for burn to turn third degree would be higher than the threshold for broken bones by a huge margin, there should be long term effects after getting a fuck ton of your flesh burned off.

I do not want these effects toned down, in their current state they are fine.

I just think that IB needs a way for the general unga to be able to treat so they can keep fighting.
tourniquets can only be used on limbs, remove the ability to use a limb and increase pain. It is punishing enough as a counter to IB, hence why I think it should greatly decrease the amount of blood loss you suffer.

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I had the idea of basically doing a slight rework for the medical system, with tourniquets playing a role in this. Gunshots, major lacerations (high brute damage level per limb from xeno claws), amputation, basically all sources of major hemorrhaging and/or any limb with really high brute dmg will require you to apply a tourniquet to not going into a “shock” (crit) state. Additions to storage would be added to compensate for this. A tourniquet wouldn’t break like a splint does and would be able to remain on indefinitely, but it would cause the limb on go “numb” (drop the item) after repeated use or force walking speed if it is on a leg. Also critical to this is increasing the time that Marines stay in the “shock” (crit) state, slowly working towards permadeath being a thing, although with increased survivability for the individual.

The endgoal would be to make Marines incentivized to step back from the frontlines to heal or get surgery rather than suicide charging until you die knowing the magic paddles will bring you back.

burn damage is supposed to be weaker than brute by way of not having permanent damage, it works as an additional tool to break those splints and make having fracs more punishing but is not a way to solo some dude into the shadow realm because every caste that has acid is incredibly safe to play OR you get it solely via friendly fire

there is no way to safely balance it without reworking the entire game, in my opinion, considering that

  1. praetorian is completely safe as warden or base praetorian - it’s impossible to die unless you choose too. you are practically fire immune, you have a dash, you have ranged attacks that stack and do an instant 50 burn bypassing armor.
  2. spitter is completely safe - you are practically fire immune, you have a speed ability that grants armor and can one shot somebody with 100+ damage instantly then also combo it with tailstab for a damage over time acid.
  3. boiler is completely safe - you are practically fire immune, and you are almost never in any actual danger aside from CAS or OBs unless you wanna play risky

acid runner is also pretty overpowered and doesn’t need more buffs
the game would need a complete rework to accommodate medical changes that require marines to go shipside more or result in eschars/third degree burns to not be horrible to play as a marine, playing xeno is already incredibly easy and it doesn’t really need a buff for the safest castes in the game to have more game impact - it’s a tradeoff.

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And as said previously the threshold to get a 3rd degree burn is in the 100’s, greater than the threshold to have a bone to break; this wouldn’t cause an entire rework of the game, only make it so you suffer a long term consequence for receiving high amounts of burn damage on limbs.

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the idea of adding lasting effects from burns is held back by the fact that due to its lack of lasting effects, it never has been closely looked at/ balanced with thought towards lasting effects, therefore any additions would touch a lot of things and have the potential of making what use to be very minor annoyances into very present dangers

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it is extremely easy to get 100 burn on somebody as a spitter or praetorian, spitter combo is an instant 100 burn and praetorian does 50 damage as an instant burst of it when you land 5 spits (or one acid spray and a spit)

burn is supposed to be weaker than brute by virtue of you not being in any danger when applying it


We should add ACE Medical I think that’d be pretty cool

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Not entirely sure how I feel about the 3rd degree burns considering how easy it can be to get 100 burn damage on a limb, but I do really like the idea of tourniquets. I feel it’d be useful for corpsmen who can’t quite preform an IB surgery right there + the concept just scratches an itch

Tourniquets for IB makes no sense. I know it is a game whatever, but it it simply stupid and can’t be explained by futuristic medicine, just a piece of rubber string you tightly wrap around a limb to (not completly) stop blood flow. And it is only on limbs.

Better idea would be to nerf the supposed “powerfull” IB and buff external bleeding. Then add different external bleeding control, where tourniquets make sense, but we could also make tie-in with Vietnam and add medical glue that would work like bandage on vanilla SS13, stopping every external bleeding for a while.

3rd degree burns as mentioned before would be unbalanced with how the game was handled over the years. Husking was removed for a reason.
It will be the case of either being too easy to get, or too hard to get, where both are bad. Former is self-explanatory. Latter just fucks up guys more who were alread fucked up by FF flamers, FF nades, FF OB and maxed acid runners. Yeah, medic has to treat your 600 burn damage, but on top you have to get six surgeries, or atleast six burn grafts that I assume would stack like regular splints, which is 5, just to treat one unfortunate guy, with medical supplies already being fucked.

Even explosions don’t fuck you up so badly. Either you gib, or have like 300-400 dmg, unless you were bombed multiple times.

Then there comes issue that marines don’t know how to use a syringe, but will be able to apply burn grafts on themselfs. With splints it makes sense.

Nerf and medical complication for the sake of being a nerf and medics having to carry few stacks of yet another item.

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Yes, but splints serve the same purpose for fractures, and you wouldn’t expect a corpsman to deploy without splints. A corpsman is currently expected to carry, at minimum:

Surgery kit
Surgical line
Blood bags
Lots of trauma/burn kits
A laundry list of pills
Various injectors
Medevac bed
Stasis bags

… and I’ve probably missed one or two things. The amount of bloat the corpsman kit has seen happen gradually over time is REAL bad. It’s a role notorious for inducing tunnel vision and being difficult to play, as there are so many basic decision points and you’re held accountable for keeping other players in the round.

I don’t think adding tourniquets singlehandedly takes this into unplayability, but it takes the corpsman kit a step in the wrong direction at present.

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love this idea, another reason for me to not rely on medics and doctors. i do like the flavor on this but it seems kind of unnecessary since marines are still gonna get IB. the 3rd degree burns just sounds like hell for medic mains that have to deal with a shitty incen OB drop that lands on 10 marines. having to heal (like 700 burn damage ᶦᵈᵏ ᶦ ʰᵃᵛᵉⁿ’ᵗ ʰᵃᵈ ᵗᵒ ᵈᵉᵃˡ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᵐᵃʲᵒʳ ᵇᵘʳⁿ ᵈᵃᵐᵃᵍᵉ ᶦⁿ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ⁹ ʸᵉᵃʳˢ ˢᶦⁿᶜᵉ ᶦ ᵖˡᵃʸᵉᵈ ᵐᵉᵈᶦᶜ ˡᵃˢᵗ)
and then also have to do surgery to remove the 3rd degree burns which marines will get from anyways from direct hitting boiler/trapper and acid runners. i’m sorry but the 2nd part of this post just seems like a terrible idea.

I like tourniquets as an alternative to surgery. I also agree that they should remain on permanently.

No third degree burns, it’s way too easy to get 100 burn.

Also I want the ability to tourniquet my neck to stop head IB so I can pass out and die from oxygen deprivation.


medics can patch up IB on the frontlines, they just need a minute or two, a roller bed, and their surgical kit

nah just a dirty knife and enough oxy to kill an elephant lol