Add 'Working Joe' spawns to specific maps

Adding working Joe’s to certain “groundside” maps would be interesting, instead of them always being confined “ship-side” every round.

Other possibilities could be making them hostile to the marines/survivors. Adding an extra challenge of a hostile Working Joe to the survivors would be a good thing. It’d also have to have some baseline RP rules like - No hunting down the survivors, you’re only allowed to engage with the survivors if you see them or such. Or just make it totally optional if you’re hostile or not.

I know some Working Joe players just want to be glorified Janitors and enjoy that RP, and letting them do it down on the colony is a lot more action packed and interesting then up on the ship usually, so just let them do what they want.

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acid runner acid farm

I’m just imaging a joe being dragged to the queen.

“You always know a working joe”

I ain’t against the idea though


We had an event like this a few weeks back. The working joes would open cades which allowed the xenos to flank the marines they would also only stop a marine if the marine had shot a xenomorph.

I think the only problem would be Joes trolling like that because then they are just gonna be KOS as no marines will risk having a joe around when they could have the entire xeno horde enter the FOB.

They should probably have a certain distance for how close they can get to FOB like how in isolation they only fight you if they see you in off limits areas and if you get a certain distance away they stop fighting you and return to their duties. The main rule of the event round was that working joes could only stop marines if marines hurt a xenomorph.

Yes but only with three rules:

Not to harm marines or assist marines. This includes opening cades etc. Be careful or get removed

Not to harm the hive or assist it. No rogue joes. You shouldnt be near the hive. Mop elsewhere

Make xenos allied with them or make the meta that they are to be ignored. It would be pointless to add if an acid runner is just going to slash them immediately every round.

The decrease in server lag from removal of blood would b3 worth it.

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I totally wouldn’t farm 1000 acid off a WJ and SD first drop.
(Is that even against the rules to do if you get 1k?)

actually the rules of them being neutral makes a lot of sense. After all they would be the working joe of the colonie. Not who ever visits its. Would honestly be hilarious if hear something in the distance and it turns out just to be a joe. “OH MY GOD WHERE GONNA DI-Oh hey. Its just Joe.”

I have no idea. It’s uh…probably a admin ping moment though.

I have seen a spitter fuel bomb the DS before though…

joes don’t give acid stacks

this is an awful idea because our working joe lore doesn’t work with this concept and colony synthetic already exists as a role for something similar

just because something can be done does not mean it should be done unless it has a good reason and would flow well in gameplay


perhaps a controversial take, but how about we remove WJs and ARES all together?

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Why though? They aren’t exactly an active detriment to the game and seem more like RP opportunities to me.

I kinda hate ARES but WJs are cool

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Because AI, ROBOTS, and FAKE HUMANS glares at A.W.s aren’t human - they only wear our visages and are bipedal to lure us HUMANS beyond the uncanny valley so their domination of humanity can become complete. When is the last time you used a slide rule instead of begging a calculator for answers?

Only difference between a slide rule and a calculator is complexity, you should do all your math on your hands.

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