adding an option to the Doctor job "Surgeon"[feedback on my PR to make it better]

Surgeon option is in the pipe.
but if you want me to change the preset gear to make them(doctor or surgeon) feel different i can.
or if you want me to change the text they get when they spawn i can to.
i am keeping it on draft until i get a first review that confirm code is good enough.

I feel like this is an interesting idea but can only result in problems in the future

eg. people might want this to be a mechanical role which would be fucking terrible as there is already a severe lack medical personnel that can do surg

and at the end of the day there is nothing saying you cant rp this already without the PR

not trying to discourage you just somethings to think about

you can’t blame me or judge this PR for future PR that could come after.
i sayed this PR is strictly 100% RP fluff.
your anticipating to much i think.
i just change the name on the ID and starting text you get.
true nothing prevent you from RPing as a surgeon without this PR but if your like me this could help a lot.
i just worked on changing the preset loadout and added some stuff to the vendor for doctors…

Honestly, if you gave it a big blurb in the spawn text like

This is only your specialization, and does not mean you can ignore any other duties like chemistry, light treatment, field deployment, and psychological evaluations.

  • then I’d say you’re golden.

I like this idea. Good.

After a bit of lookin’, maybe you could also do something neat with color-coding? Keeping standard doctors in the default green scrubs, spawning surgeons in the blue scrubs, and spawning chemists in purple scrubs?

i could probably do that.
right now i am looking for a way to have three option while keeping the code neat.
i will put that on the to do list.
current surgeon text is this.

text could use some work even the base text isn’t that great.

I like that idea. Good one.

If you want more RP add a function for the stethoscope and penlight. Along with editing out some SoP to make it work

stethoscope is suppose to tell you lung and heart damage?
and penlight brain or eyes damage?
they don’t work your sure ? seem like you need to make an issue on github about it then…

This PR is for RP isn’t it?

Maybe make a phrase for when you use the stethoscope. The throat sounds _______

The pupils are _______.

The thing with the penlight is that it’s completely useless, even when you use it as CMO it says “ your dexterity isn’t high enough to use it “