Additionall buffs for prepared food

I think that buffs such as staving off hunger longer and ever so slightly increasing speed and general good stuff should be added so when MSTs make food it benefits the marines more than if they just got an MRE incentivising chefs to stick around.


Buffs could also vary on food type too!

  • Soups, chilis and stew could aid in cold resistance as long as the nutriment is in the bodies system.

  • Burgers, hotdogs, sausages and other fatty foods can put additional nutriment in the system while bypassing the amount of food a marine can in-take to ward off hunger longer.
    (if done excessively though it can have adverse effects)

  • Salads, egg dishes, steaks and other healthy foods can contribute to slight buffs, like negating slowness to certain armors and backpack types temporarily.

  • Junk foods like ice cream, cookies, pies and other foods high in sugar could negatively effect a marine with slight additional slowness if consumed in high amounts. (probably implemented with like a sugar overdose limit)

  • Cold foods like ice cream, regular ice, cool beverages or sauces can help in slight heat resistance.

Additionally, too much cold or hot food can make a marine overheat or get too cold.

Not only does it give MSTs food actual importance, it also encourages marines to eat an actual balanced diet instead of just a single food like pizza.

Obviously though a lot of this might be overpowered or unbalanced even if it is slight and temporary alterations and would require a lot of coding and reworking so it’s all just ideas.


Well it’s prepared and recycled food, so the only buff would be diarrhea.


currently food contain nutriment and that give you energy to function.
i think it we could extend this as fallowing:
1-Three tier of food with three tier of nutriment quality in them…
2-the better the quality of nutriment you eat the better bonus you get to blood recovery, stamina recovery,
and bunch of other bonus…

this new system should be something that can be totally skipable if people don’t want to play with it will giving some interested into being well feed…

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I like some foods having a bit of medicine in them.

5u of tricord in an MRE type of thing.

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No. I like the idea but it would never work. We have been down this road before.

What it will inevitably lead to is people min/maxing food.

The chef will have to wake up everytime and cook the same 3 “best foods” before marines deploy. And be hassled by people.

Youd turn the role into “chem line” but for food. With a big line of pfcs looking for buffs.

Id prefer if the chef can just do his own thing and chill.

It also adds one more thing for devs to balance… which is not desirable.


Sounded really cool in first post but as Felix mentions it might not be wise with thorough thinking.
I think he got quite a few important points here…

let marines buy specialist/buff foods via special food vendor in RnR so the MST can grill, maybe give him a discount when buying said foods so he can optionally distribute them

Honestly just making foods that are not MRE or packaged foods fill you more is probably all you need to do, there is no reason to over complicate things like speed buffs or cold and heat buffs just let the food made with care keep you more full for longer but maybe not insanely long so MRE’s are still important. Though I think letting the Chef have the permissions needed to make a mess tent at fob would add a lot of soul and chances for people to RP and enjoy themselves, because who doesn’t want a break from the fighting with the respite of a warm meal and a buddy to chat with before you go back to the carnage?

I do hate to shit on it… as its an idea I like the concept of…

But i have worked chem line enough to know what some “pfc elites” ask for already. Very specific unga and flask mixes.If you could get donuts that make you run faster…


I’d drop my slug shotgun in an instant if it meant I could have a bag of donuts that make me run faster

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I always feel bad finally going up ship-side once per round (if that), seeing the Chef with all of his food laying out there and not eaten. More love for the Mess Tech or “Chef” (I forget the name sorry) is good.

I can see how having food buffs could be a little bit of a balance problem, but yeah it’s always a nice thing to actually see the Chef make food. Even better when they set up shop on the Colony or such so it actually gets eaten.

If we want to give food a buff… then perhaps we should tie it to location.

Like sitting around the mess tent or in the cafeteria makes you heal 10% and blood replace faster or something.

That way you could have your food buff… but it wouldnt be metaed like crazy.

Of course “when you code it” and all that.

Poor chef suffers from the same problem as every shipside role… once you head down… 95% of marines would rather perma than come back up.

I really like the idea that prepared foods would stave off hunger for longer than MREs. I liked the whole idea at first, but some people brough up some compelling counterpoints.

Maybe make every dish that successfully passes through a microwave have a ‘freshness’ boost tag, don’t mattering which. That would give recently-cooked food something above of the usual pre-fabricated food (MREs and packed junkfood) and food that wasn’t been passed through the microwave, like the old pizzas in the maints and all. The freshness wouldn’t have a specific time, as it would just be attached to the round itself. That way I think the whole thing would be in balance.

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Just my (likely uninformed) 2 cents because I actually think this idea would be cool:

What if particular buffs that were stronger, which I agree would lead to min/max, could somehow be tied into research or req? Something along the lines of separate recipes for each dish that gives a buff, which would have to be unlocked over time, or a limited number of secret formulas that would cost resources and appear later in the round? I can also see this encouraging the chef to deploy planetside more often, which might be considered a pro or a con depending on opinion. You could also achieve the same with limited or “seasonal” ingredients based on map or randomized availability via req.

You could perhaps also give the stronger food buffs a shelf life of sorts, making them spoil over time thus making it impossible for the chef to prepare 3 different items and have them available the entire time. MRE’s and other basic foods would then in turn probably never spoil, keeping them relevant. This would also encourage planetside deployment so the chef doesn’t waste time and resources on food that wont be eaten.

With everything though, balance is key! Just thought I’d throw it out there.

This makes sense no matter how you cut it, it adds actual depth to the mess tech role past just being a RP role and occasionally getting orders for pizza from a pilot or the FOB. I feel like rushing mess hall for high tier food should be considered a form of LRP, as a marine wouldn’t immediately run to the mess hall when they woke up and ask for a dish that had a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients to increase blood gain by whatever percent, that’d just be dumb.

Though even it being considered LRP or meta, it wouldn’t stop it from happening often, so I feel any bonuses applied (except hunger being staved off for longer) should be relatively minor but still noticeable, but I don’t really know what those could be.

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