Admin enforcement of Rule 10 (Improper Escalation) is sometimes stupid

The rule itself and it’s wording is fine, it prevents the ship from just devolving into complete chaos, because people can’t just commit murder over minor incidents, like getting cut in the req line or having their attachments stolen.

I also like that it specifies that you can lethaly harm someone while under “Exceptional Circumstances”, like: If some dent-head starts disarm spamming you in the middle of combat, or if you are fighting with the other marines to try and get a spot in the escape pod.

Problem is, sometimes the admins makes utterly dogshit rulings when it comes to IE.
Like for example; i once played as a cannibal MT and got caught stealing corpses from the morgue. The CMP rightfully thought that i was mental. So he reasonably went into my kitchen with his gun out, and told me that i was under arrest. During this confrontation, i too had a gun, so like any reasonable human being who doesnt want to get arrested, i shot back, and… promptly lost the gunfight. That should’ve been it, but for some stupid reason, i got slapped with a 3 day ban for that, like WTF was i supposed to do? Slap him around first to “escalate” the fight? Thats completely stupid and unrealistic, wich is the complete opposite of what the RP rules are supposed to accomplish. Now admins might argue that “Oh you should’ve just ran away.” MY BROTHER IN CHRIST, HE HAS A GUN, HE CAN JUST SHOOT ME, I’M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE HERE.

Another thing that i find bullshit, is that even when the MPs are chasing you for a capital crime like sedition, and even if the CO is calling for your head on a spike. You still can’t shoot them to death due to IE rules, when i think its very reasonable to do so. Think about it, you are being chased by a bunch of goons and if you get captured by them, you will get jailed then killed. Is that not reason enough to lethal them? Is that not an “Exceptional Circumstance?”


you’re probably right i think

The rule enforcement is weird on it. I’ve seen MT do what you did and not get banned (shooting numerous MP for chasing them), I’ve also seen an MT be a terrorist two rounds in a row for no reason. The enforcement is not standardized by any means as so much is left up to the discretion of admins.

It’s marines vs xenos not marines vs marines. Bottom
Line it’s case by case because we never wanted to deal with “I punched a marine once and he shot me to perma death and ruined my round wah” ahelps

Personally I think you should be able to shoot back against MPs/CO if you’re clearly going to be executed. From what I’ve heard you have to wait for them to shoot first but at that point it’s already too late. If you do something stupid during briefing and the CO pulls out his gun and runs towards you we all know what the CO is about to do, and the victim should be able to preemptively shoot in self defense.


So, the MP having a gun out during an arrests is a reason to gun them down, on a server where it is a common joke to point live firearms at the police which is just walking around? Anyways, being able to gun down MPs about to execute you may cause players considering themselves robust to commit capital crimes and then go on a holy quest to shoot all MPs aboard to perma. I don’t think there are many execution-worthy crimes you should commit without admin permission anyways, and if you are asking already, just let the admin print you a ticket to shoot MPs too.

don’t worry inconsistent enforcement of rules is a comstant across every ss13 server

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I got noted for IE for shooting a marine who was stabbing other marines intentionally which seems super silly like oh your getting stabbed? Hold up let me put away my gun and take out my boot knife because yeah that makes sense

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If they removed all the buffs that MPs have Id keep the I.E.

If they keep MPs buffed i think removing I.E. would be the way to go.