Ahana - Player Report: Darius Bould, Ken Roadman, Geli Mackert, Rule 4: No griefing, Rule 8: Use your Slot

Ahana - Player Report: Darius Bould, Ken Roadman, Geli Mackert, Rule 4: No griefing, Rule 8: Use your Slot

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Vivian Mercer

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Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

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Darius Bould, Ken Roadman, Geli Mackert

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 4: No griefing, Rule 8: Use your Slot

Description of the incident:

The entirety of the round was a complete and utter mess on the side of the marines due to these three individuals.

Starting off with the ASO, Darius Bould, he seemingly was completely ignoring the leadership portion of his role. I saw the QM begging him (and other people) on the command channel to respond, but I never saw him do it. There were a lack of supplies groundside (personally I never got to see a FOB crate), and it was just no coordination and it felt like we didn’t even have an ASO. The CMP was doing more than them from what I could see. I also saw people saying he launched a SECOND OB onto FOB, the SAME coordinates that caused marines to swarm and (almost, it was denied by Forest) mutiny the XO/SO.

Next, Ken Roadman the SO. This SO hijacked briefing from the Captain, gave conflicting and confusing orders, and then proceeded to OB FOB within 5 minutes of us landing. He WAS punished IC for this, HOWEVER when evac came, he tried to kill me on the shuttle we were evacuating on for no apparent reason, other than me calling for MPs to cuff him (I was shoving him as he was shuffling/pushing me). He got lynched over it.

Finally, Geli Mackert, the XO. The XO did not use his slot. He made a total of 5 announcements (2 of them being about briefing). He set briefing 40 minutes after waking up, only changing it after backlash. He tried to hide and blame a doctor AND an MP for the SO’s mistake, and hid the SO in the CIC armory so he couldn’t be punished. He was only found because he tried to break out before we left. The XO then wordlessly decapitated himself when hijack begun and with the ASO and SO being genuinely silent and showing no leadership, I called evac and an ERT as an SL.

I think there was more than just incompetence at play here. The level all 3 of these people messed up was not just by coincidence.


Logs will need to be pulled.


Hello, i was the ASO Darius Bould in that round, in terms of the OB, the only one that i launched on the FOB was after the marines evaced and then i sent the OB by orders of the XO, i did answer the QM and sent some supplies even tho it took a while since i was trying to deal with everything else, i believe that i lacked some leadership in leading in the situation but IC i believe i was not able to simply ignore the XO and become the commander of the operation, the only thing i could do was act like a SO and try to give orders, but when i came to the CIC alpha and the IOs were spread, everyone was at FOB and comms, XO was giving no orders so i tried to coordinate the Alpha Squad back to the FOB that sadly it got wiped besides that i did all the function an ASO would do, load the OB, set the AA, help requisitions, help the IOs and process any data that was coming, atleast in my view i could not starting acting like a command if the XO was capable of leading and was not dead, i was not trying to grief and i was trying my best to help the situation but after the FOB OB was dropped by the SO, alpha was wiped, it was clear to me that the operation was lost and the least thing we could do was evac, that we did, we announced and the PO launched since the alamo was getting weeded and xenos were inside, after that i sent the OB on orders of the XO on the FOB cords, that got me the 17 kills on the fun fact.
The SO and XO both apologized in dead chat and OCC, they did not trolled around and quitted the game, it was very clear that they were brand new to the game, the XO did not even knew the he had the command tablet on the CIC and the SO missclicked to send the OB (i also don’t know how), nobody tried to grief and we tried our bests on our positions , i am quite an experencied player groundside or with other stuff but when it comes to command i sometimes lack the attitude.
Overall on rule 4 : There were no intentional griefing and only lack on experience but i can believe that you can questions the issue on the missclick FOB OB.
On rule 8: I did all the things i would normally do as ASO, the SO and XO also tried to fulfill their roles but both were new players, lacking knowledge on mechanics and situation awareness need for the OP, for the XO it is clear that such a important role needs a bigger timer locker rather than only 5 SO hours.


Heya, i was QM in this round.

I was alone at Req, and ASO rushed req to help and manage/prepare stuff, even tho, i didn’t ask for the help, nor really needed it, he bring some crates, organised some spare supplies, etc. Seemed like he knew what he was doing and had a routine.

I usually prepare like 2 to 3 fob crates, depending on how much time i have after maning the lines, and since the big cooldown on launching supplies i always call CIC to launch them first drop, either to launch one or two, so i can launch a third one, or have my cooldown clear if i need to send another one shortly.

So i did the usual, prepared the crates and called overwatch to have the supply pads sent down to fob, i remember i specifically send the corresponding squad name for the pads, and specifically mention supplies. I never mention an OB. but to my surprise, 3 seconds after hanging out the phone, the ship shake and they did in fact, “I dont know what this cordinates are for, so i’m sending them as an OB”.

I believe CIC was manned only by a XO that was apparently new to the role, and the also, newish SO, wich, sadly did the first OB by mistake. The players seemed overwhelmed, specially XO, since over radio marines were pissed, fob was OB’d, words of mutiny on the radio, they went on lockdown etc. XO Made a single announcement that it was a miss input, and from there, it was radio silence.

The other crates of supplies were not send still, of wich i begged over radio, over and over, for someone to man the operation and have the supplies send, so they could atleast receive the other crate of supplies and defend the fob, or rebuild it as best as possible and “continue” the operation. My main pad was on cooldown, wich is quite some waiting time, i think its 300seconds if im not wrong. But sadly, the only person that seemed to answer command radio other than Squad Leaders, it was the SO that mistakenly fired the OB, but on their words, they were either locked on a room, or arrested, since there was an announcement from provost or hc about their arrest. He also begged other CIC personnel to send the supplies, yet no one answered. I said multiple times over radio that no one is leading the operation, announcements are not being made, no one is answering radio, i personally dont know what ASO was doing, or what was the situation in CIC, as i was alone in REQ, and didn’t bother to go upstairs either, since they were on lockdown anyway.

I believe the XO was overwhelmed or not capable of leading the operation, wich ASO should perhaps have stepped in? and take control, or atleast recall all marines to fob using announcements, again, unsure what happened in CIC. At some point, ASO did answer the radio finally, and got my supply crate sent, tho, way too late for it to be useful. Regardless, not long after, a evac happened, wich i noticed because Xenos break into the fob, Alamo launched triggering the hostiles on board alerts, so i assumed they evaced. A second OB followed shortly after the evac and alerts, wich i assumed, it was the classic evac OB, hoping to kill some Xenos, to my surprise, i only learned later that Evac was a disaster, and there were a lot of survivors still on fob, and the ASO fired the second OB ending them all. Unsure if by own initiative or XO’s orders, as i wasn’t in CIC.


After the first OB was sent, shortly after i went down to load the cluster OB, hopefully to be used in a good way, when i came back to the CIC, it was under lockdown, and it stayed like that for a good 5 min +, that is when the SO started begging to send the supply cords but it was already unreachable for me, when finnaly the lockdown was finished, i went to look at the FOB situation , sent the supply crate and the XO , me and the CMP decided to call evac, all marines at that time were already on FOB holding it, the XO and CMP both announced for evac, later after the evac, the XO wanted to OB the FOB and i also agreed, looking at the alamo and seeing a few alive coming back and the FOB surrendered by xenos, i agreed with him and sent the OB on FOB cords.
Even after the XO was overwhelmed i tried acting like a SO but without comms it was difficult, i don’t felt on the position to become the commander since the XO was alive and not SSD, as the ASO description stands : " You are also third in command of the Almayer and will be expected to run CIC when the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer are unavailable or deployed".


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