Ahana - Player Report: Dimitri Petrov (MP), Landon Dupont (MW), Rusty Kingsford (MP), Calvin Long (CE), Patton ‘Hardtack’ Moore (LtCol) , See below.

**Ahana - Player Report: Dimitri Petrov (MP), Landon Dupont (MW), Rusty Kingsford (MP), Calvin Long (CE), Patton ‘Hardtack’ Moore (LtCol) , See below. **

What’s your BYOND key?

Time of incident:

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Laurencia Beck

Accused BYOND key:
Dimitri Petrov - Aspect1111
Landon Dupont - OtherHuman
Rusty Kingsford - Blackburn.A
Calvin Long - Rubenblades
Patton ‘Hardtack’ Moore - Taketheshot56

Accused character name:
Dimitri Petrov (MP), Landon Dupont (MW), Rusty Kingsford (MP), Calvin Long (CE), Patton ‘Hardtack’ Moore (LtCol)

What rule(s) were broken?:
See below.

Description of the incident:
I am reposting this from the old forums. The old post was under 30 days ago, and thus is not void.

Dimitri Petrov (MP) - ML, Malicious Compliance, ERP (reported here:Resolved N/A, N/A - Rule 1. No Erotic Role Play), Community Expectations (metagrudging)
Jaylen Perez (PFC) - ERP (reported here:Resolved N/A, N/A - Rule 1. No Erotic Role Play)
Rusty Kingsford (MP) - ML
Landon Dupont (MW) - ML, Malicious Compliance, Community Expectations (metagrudging)
Calvin Long (CE) - Roleplay Standards
Patton ‘Hardtack’ Moore (LtCol) - Malicious Compliance

To begin, Dimitri Petrov woke up by insulting me (the CMP, he was an MP). I ignored this but I still think it’s something that sets the tone. He was upset, along with Landon Dupont, over the arrest I made on him last round. I also wish to point out Landon Dupont was digging for evidence without prior interaction, brought up previous bans/actions, etc (OOC information) to justify his disliking to me and according to who I talked to ICly, was trying to find stuff to get me in trouble. Dimitri Petrov (under his command, I believe) tore down a yard wall and perma cell wall, and then had a meltdown because I figured out it was him. They both decided to join as an MP this round, and according to the lieutenant colonel, repeatedly report me. I believe the previous round’s logs are needed in this as well.

Moving forward, the CE (without reason) ends up visiting a prisoner. I thought it would be good, because being stuck in a cell isn’t any fun, so I let him visit him. The prisoner was charged with attempted murder for threatening to murder me, at this point. The CE visited him, encouraged him to murder a fellow head of staff (without a good reason - I hadn’t even spoken to the CE previously I believe) and gave him a knife.

Next, the lieutenant colonel, alongside Petrov and Dupont collaborated together to have me detained for my attempted murder charge. I informed them ICly that I had ahelped, and informed them LOOCly this was policy and to ahelp if they disagreed. I made a ticket prior to this, and had it cleared with Forest. I do not believe Taketheshot56 was deadmin’d, so he should’ve been able to see my ticket at this time as well. Being a senior admin, telling him ICly I had cleared it with provost, and LOOCly, there was no reason he should have continued forth. He solely wanted to brig me alongside Petrov and Dupont. They listed up a long list of charges, stating I wrongly brigged the man for attempted murder, and then brigged me - and never even made an attempt to let the man who I brigged out.

In my cell, after a clear delay of processing, they opened my yard access. Not to my surprise, the man the CE gave the knife to tried to stab me to death. I ahelped sometime during this to intervene with the CO’s arrest, but to my knowledge disciplinary action was taken against none of these individuals.

Even further, I was eventually released. I attempted to detain the CE for conspiring with the man in brig to murder me. Eventually, the warden, Kingsford, and Petrov try to attack and detain me for doing so. I ended up detaining and demoting all of them for it, but this is way further than an IC issue at this point.

In summary:

I believe malicious compliance sanctions should be placed on Petrov, Dupont, and Moore because they acted in only way to brig me, not enforce the law, and it’s obvious because the CO runs over to brig immediately when given the chance, and has made this distasteful announcement about me in the past: 3/4/2023 Taketheshot53 v Ahana - Album on Imgur

I believe rule 11 sanctions should be placed on Petrov, Dupont, and Kingsford for attacking me and trying to detain me over a legal arrest - which I explained - on the CE for conspiring to assassinate me.

I believe roleplay standards sanctions should be placed on the CE for conspiring to assassinate another head of staff without proper reasoning.

I believe ERP sanctions should be placed on Petrov and Kingsford, as justified in the other report.

I’d also like to point out in the case of Dimitri Petrov, I have already reported him previously SPECIFICALLY for illegally trying to detain me in MP roles: Denied N/A - Rule 11. Marine Law

- YouTube - full round recording


Reposting my reply from the old thread;

Hi! Hello!
I was an SO in this round mentioned!
Grace Lettford. Admittedly I’m not sure of what happened in the Brig, but I know that even before the briefing the CO was asking the XO who the MPs were “loyal to”, or something to that effect. And that one officer who’s name eludes me was in and out about a complaint form.
I’m unsure if it’s notable enough to mention, however!

Dimitri has a history of that shit. Dude gets arrested, goes mp the next round to undermine mps.

I have at least one instance where i arrested him, he immediately went cmp next round, and ordered the mps to arrest no one (ultimately being arrested himself via high command fax).

I can provide provost fax if needed.


Technically you broke the law as CMP by arresting the person for attempted murder, there’s no way around that you BROKE the law, it was not a valid application of the law saying “I’m gonna kill you” is in no way attempted murder, you saw fit to use that as an excuse to try and perma a player, quite frankly Its rather atrocious.

As you can see the wiki is still not updated and if were going off the written rule you STILL broke the law. The player you arrested for attempted murder in no way tried to kill you with ill intent and failed in the action, they were behind bars.

So after the warden and another MP made me aware of this, with the warden asking me to intervene I went and had you arrested. You broke the law.

It appears your main gripe is that I should’ve known you were in contact with forest in regards to the law. I don’t remember if I was deadmined, I probably wasn’t. But PMs between staff are in small blue subdued text.

This is in accordance with the fact that Im in a ton of different channels with marines screaming in my ear, as well as making command announcements and talking with the crew. I did not see your ahelp and frankly, even If I had seen it, it is not kosher to take that information and use it ICly.

So I went with the marine law that was written and had you arrested for a violation of the law, it was after your arrest that forest contacted me and explained he gave you authorization, so I followed his directions and had you released.

Having finished up with the issue that the MPs had brought to me. I returned to the operation. The MPs had their whole coup thing which I neither knew about nor condoned and I chided them all for it in the end.

To be honest Ahana, I do end up having to run over to the brig very very often when you are CMP as often times you BARELY under the barest thread of the law act to undermine the operation and ruin peoples rounds and it often involves players calling me over the radio to come figure stuff out. That message that you brought up in the past while it had nothing to do with this report is correct in the fact that you in a previous round sent MPs in to bait them into using flashbangs so you could do some mass arrests at round start.


I cleared it with Forest and asked for clarification. He said it was attempted murder. MPs are forced to enforce major/capital crimes. You should have ahelped if you are confused about marine law. I gave you more than enough IC and LOOC reasoning to ahelp. Or maybe just ask in staff chat about it.

Why were you asking who “MPs were loyal to” then, in the beginning of the round? With no reasoning?

No, my issue is that you failed to properly enforce marine law as a judiciary officer, and your clear intent was just to brig me - not enforce the law. I am familiar with tickets as well. I’ve been an administrator on SS13 for years. My gripe is that I gave you 3 chances to either correct yourself, or ahelp - Ticket, IC reasoning, and LOOC knowledge.

Why did it take you getting bwoinked to ask for staff confirmation - after I told you in LOOC and IC, giving you reasoning to ask for clarification prior to my arrest?

You are very ironic. This very round you ordered me to force all marines to briefing. This is automatically minor insubordination for them if they disobey. It becomes major if they refuse my personal orders. You then proceeded to make an announcement and threatened marines with me. I find it amusing, for someone so concerned about the operation and how nefariously I apparently enforce marine law, that you’d force me to brig marines like that. Side note - nobody is forcing you over to the brig. You’re welcome to delegate appeals. Otherwise, send a Captain or SO to report back to you.

I do tend to converse with MPs to find out who theyre loyal to. The correct answers shoild be lawful command orders and the law.

Nobody is debating what forest said is right or wrong. He made the judgement call and I accepted it and released you. It in no way negates the fact that you were arrested legally. Marine law was clear, i go with how marine law is Written not your private ahelps with forest that i am not privy to.

Your gripe is that

#1 you made a ticket which i did not see.

#2 IC reasoning, you went off about how high command approved it. If i remember correctly i asked to see if you had a fax or some proof of this conversation with high command, which you did not.

#3 You telling me to stop in LOOC and using looc in attempts to change rp. Im not going to count you saying stuff in LOOC and let it change my rp.

I had you arrested in accordance with the law. After you were in jail forest contacted me to explain at which I released you, forest said the WIKI would have to be updated to reflect this ruling between you and him in marine law. It is still not updated.

My clear intent was to brig you while enforcing the law as commanding officer of the ship upon conversation with your own department.

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You apparently didn’t speak with MPs. You spoke with CIC, specificaly the captain.

This is one of three chances I gave you to seek clarification from the ML maintainer, who was online.

I told you it was via radio. This means no fax. MPs cannot lie, and if they do, it is a rule breach. I’m pretty sure this obviously means an ahelp.

I’m pretty sure I told you I got it cleared by Forest, or I ahelped about it. I doubt I directly told you to stop.

I would like you to reply to this portion for me:

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Im not going to go back and forth about me not listening to you in looc. I followed marine law as it was written and when it was revealed to me by forest that he had ruled differently i released you.

Thats the end of that, ive made my point on your arrest. I maintain it was absolutley legal until forest told me otherwise uponwhich you were immediately released.

As for your point about briefing, i did indeed order you to get marines to briefing. And i made it clear to marines that if they did not obey they would be met with the law. I may disagree vehemently with you on the spirit of the law and believe you execute it in poor faith, but i am not going to just ignore you as a CMP and not give you directions or orders.

Youre absolutely right, i am free to delegate appeals but i choose not to and deal with the problems myself.

Ive made my points, and im ready for a ruling.


I know Taketheshot56 is ready for a ruling, however I did some thinking about this report and wanted to make sure I was correct in my actions.

I’d like to point out, even without Forest’s clarification, that this was still valid.

On Threats to break Marine Law: Threatening to commit a Major or Capital offence such as Assault or Murder may be charged as breaking the law so long as there exists a reasonable expectation and capability that the law will be broken.

In Taketheshot’s defense, I do see his rebuttal with the next line:

A marine running around the ship with a rifle can plausibly threaten to murder someone whilst an incarcerated prisoner with no weaponry is far less likely to be able to commit this crime, and as such their threats can usually be considered meaningless.

However, I don’t believe this would have been applicable for him to argue. Considering the next line:

Previous crimes or actions may be taken into account when considering if a threat is plausible or “bravado”.

I informed Taketheshot of the following:

  1. He already had a charge for assault.
  2. He threatened multiple times to kill me.
  3. He threatened to use the gun if I released him to kill me.

With that being said, I think the fact that my suspicions were correct in the end by the fact he tried to kill me kind of prove everything from the beginning, however, in sake of proper debate, I am going to list why it was clear from the start:

  1. He already assaulted me without good reason earlier, in the dropship.
  2. He spoke with the CE. The entire thing was about plotting to kill me.
  3. He literally admits that once/if he got out of brig, he was going to use his rifle to kill me.
  4. I get brigged by order of the CO. The prisoner then attempts to shank me with a knife given to him by the CE.

I don’t understand what RP reasoning a commanding officer (a lieutenant colonel) would have to interject with the CMP from stopping a marine from providing reasonable death threats to any USCMC personnel, let alone officers and command staff aboard their own ship. With this same extent, Perez was acting irrational towards everyone the entire round. He ended up perma’d for ERP after actually trying to murder me. I also want to state he had no reason to murder me, or even threaten it. Because of this extent, I also want to include improper escalation in this report against me on behalf of of Perez, and the CE for exemplifying/encouraging it. I think the entirety of this represents poor RP and violates the rules.

To this point I also want to state for the record that the vice host issued me a warning about 6 months ago for arresting someone on legal grounds, however I failed to apparently failed to investigate the XO giving permission behind my back to a staff officer deploying after he ordered me to investigate it. The note reads, “a better effort in investigation of crimes before you detain someone, as handling marine law, particularly with officers, is a delicate matter and should not be used as a stick to wave.” I think my video clearly shows the snarkiness and “stick-waving” that Taketheshot does against me, and the fact that he was being superficial and failing to ask in-depth questions at all such as “was there any reason I felt this needed to be pressed” or even anything of the like. He did not inquire to my process behind the application, only the superficial message. The logs will only concur with this.

For the record, too, I’d also like to know if any MPs interacted with Jaylen outside of my sight alongside the CE to plot my death/assassination alongside him. I think the MP coup and metagrudging says pretty much everything about the state of MPs that round.

I am currently in the process of trying to discuss with head staff about changing attempted murder that words are not to be considered intent. From a RP perspective just saying a generic “IM GOING TO MURDER YOU” at the most might fall under disorderly conduct or assault.

It’s not just this case, but I’ve seen other cases of people getting charged with major crimes cause of “words” and although the MPs are following SOP and the ruling, I feel the ruling is flawed and needs to change.

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Sorry, I thought I had replied to this earlier.

This was not just a “IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!”.

This was a “Once you open that brig cell, and open my locker, I’m taking that very same gun and I’m going to blow your head off with it.”

There’s already a clause that protects against attempted murder just by words (such as someone in brig cells doing nothing), but the guy was literally conspiring with the CE to murder me, told me how he was going to, and intended to, which would be classified as second-degree murder if it was to have happened.

Because he was never let out, and I was brigged for adding that charge by the CO, he tried to stab me to death with the knife the CE gave him in my own cell. I think my speculations were justified as such, alongside the reasoning I gave earlier.


This report has sat long enough and forest has still not responded to my requests that Marine Law be changed. But words alone are not attempted murder, at the most disorderly conduct or assault. I will still actively continue to change this, but I’m setting a precedent here. Threatening to do harm is in no way attempted murder (I think I can safely say from my own professional experience as an expert in this.)

Due to the backlog on logs, this is being ruled as a IC issue on all parties.