Ahana - Staff Report: Behaviour involving Misconduct - ThesoldierLLJK

Ahana - Staff Report: Behaviour involving Misconduct - ThesoldierLLJK

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Behaviour involving Misconduct

Description of the incident:
ThesoldierLLJK closed my report because no one had gotten to pulling logs yet and ruled it an IC issue.

1 - Staff Procedure dictates that only managers have the authority to rule on player reports. He is not a manager. He is an advisor.

2 - Forest gave me the authorization to post the report. It was already declared an investigation needs to be done.

3 - MPs usurping their CMP because they arrested an accessory to their attempted murder and attacking them is not an IC issue. This is an OOC issue.

4 - I don’t think that an advisor should be closing a report because “This report has sat long enough and forest has still not responded to my requests that Marine Law be changed.” If it takes time for internal staff issues to be resolved, that is ok. What I do not believe is ok is my report being closed because an advisor believes it’s taking too long.

5 - He misread or did not acknowledge the full situation which I presented. “But words alone are not attempted murder, at the most disorderly conduct or assault. I will still actively continue to change this, but I’m setting a precedent here. Threatening to do harm is in no way attempted murder (I think I can safely say from my own professional experience as an expert in this.)” - Plotting to murder me is attempted murder. It is already in marine law. Doing it in a public place, where the CMP can hear you plotting their assassination, is your own fault and you’re dumb if you do it. If a CO saw it, that is instant BE material.

I would like this situation to actually be resolved and investigated properly, even if it takes a while. If it’s low priority, that is ok with me. But I would like this handled.


This is a violation of subforum rule 11. Report resolutions are final and binding. Do not make a subsequent report because you’re unhappy with the outcome demanding the managers manager resolve it.

Resolved - Denied, report in violation of subforum rules.