Ahana - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Segrain

Ahana - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Segrain

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Vivian Mercer

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Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

To begin, I’d like to make clear multiple things were going on this round that were chaotic and I have no idea why they happened. I would appreciate it if there were any open ends about my deeds or questions, or a reason you think I’m wrong, that I am given a chance to reply properly and with reasoning. I unfortunately did not record this round, or I would provide clips.

Starting with the initial corrupted hive - yes, I did self-authorize them. I explicitly only allowed one. I told researchers not to yell about them on comms until we got a translator chem to negotiate with them and notify CIC. The Captain, Warden, and CMP came early, just as the translator chemical arrived. I did not create the hive alone. All other researchers were involved with it as well.

My note begins here. A Mess Tech trespasses and follows the CMP, Warden, and Captain into research. I ask he is removed, and I am ignored. I proceed with discussing the situation at hand with the captain. The mess tech then proceeds to run up, and mag dump the window, and run around while I try to forcefully remove him. I eventually drag him away and go back to the captain, to which he runs back in and I flash him as he runs towards his gun again. I sit there until the warden grabs him, and ordered his arrest for sedition. This is where Segrain lies. Segrain claims that it was a researcher who turned me in, and whom I had arrested. It was a mess tech - Joe Beasley - who had zero business in research, randomly tried to break the window, and ran back out. Segrain then also continues to lie in my note that the window is bullet proof. The window is not bullet proof. It is a breakable wall in the code - only with guns and explosives. It is immune to xenos and melee weapons. You can find the code here.

I also question how, a MST of all people, knew that corrupted were being worked on? He was not in containment, nor did he have access to cameras. There was really zero clue on how he got there.

Regardless, once detained, I spoke with the Captain. I told him I self-authorized the one, and wanted his permission for more. The Captain and I discussed it while more researchers came in, who then began negotiating on our behalf. I stopped their negotiations of growing the hive larger without CIC permission. I closed the shuttered and removed them and continued to speak with the Captain. Eventually, the Captain agreed. I’d like to make it clear, I gave the Captain a choice, in private (with no one else around, and the queen unable to hear) to terminate the queen while she was still young. I also informed him that I was going to call him down once we got a translator chemical. The Captain still approved of the xenos, and told me to negotiate with them to get them to help us. My goal was not to grow a giant hive without authorization. I only ever planned, and permitted, a single one. I explicitly stopped and instructed researchers no more without CIC permission.

Segrain then makes a giant leap in logic and completely ignores about half the round in my note, going on to say “When a MP came to arrest her for said sedition, repeatedly disarmed him and let xenos devour him. Later ran away into maintenance and called over radio to start mutiny and asked corrupted queen to gib the CMP.” Unfortunately I need to continue with the story, but though this was relevant for now.

Eventually, the Captain leaves. I begin negotiations with the queen - giving her strict instructions. I did not permit her or her brood to weed outside of research and medbay, and that they would deploy. She was beginning to discuss when marines began blowing through the southern containment wall. This is where I think metacommunications may have been going on with Joe Beasley and these privates who joined, seemingly randomly, to attack research and mess with me.

I run out to meet the privates who are blowing down the wall, and they say the XO told them to do it. I ask the XO, who does not respond. I ask them to confirm, and they say the delta SL (?) told them to do it, even though the SL was on the ground as far as I know. I tell them to stop, and they do, and I leave them with a researcher as I return to containment to further negotiate with the queen.

As I begin negotiating with the queen, again, I hear gunshots - again. This time, they blast through the wall, completely. I walk over and flash one, while the other runs out into the hallway, which I proceed to knock down and throw into a wall until an MP takes them into custody. After getting shot accidentally, I go back down to medbay and get treated. Again, after about 5 minutes, I go back to the queen to try and negotiate.

And again. Shooting begins in research, with MORE privates. I go over to flash them and get shot, to which an MP nearby and researchers go over and begin to mob them. I run back inside briefly to heal, and run out into the ARES hallway which they’ve breached from. I see a decapped researcher and MP, and watch them mow down the other MP and researcher. There’s more than 2 here to which I believe is a mutiny going on (I didn’t have much time) so I screamed “mutiny” over comms. I then die before I can respond anymore while the gunfight continues. In my ticket here, Segrain accuses me of calling for a mutiny during this, even though I was just calling out what I perceived to be a mutiny.

I eventually perish in the gunfight trying to run away, but am eventually revived by the SEA. I immediately tell command that I got gunned down, and tell the SEA that I need to get back to the queen because she was getting agitated from the marines trying to breach. I think I lied to the queen here and said they were getting executed by MPs or whatever but I don’t think that matters much because they were aslept permanently aside from one.

For the fifth time now, I return to research and begin negotiating with the queen again. At this point, I give her the monkeys because she’s agreed and was obedient. Then, an MP then starts shooting and killing 2 of them, to which I leave her and go to stop him. The MP continues trying to pick up his gun and wield it, and kill more, as I order him to evict himself and try to take it away. I open the door for him to leave, he refuses, and I have no viable way of forcing him to leave with only my flash, so I push him into a corner and tell a xeno to remove him. Segrain adds this to my note because somewhere during this a warrant was given out and only presented after he started shooting. I didn’t care at this point about this officer carrying it out and had gone back to the queen to apologize on behalf. I do not know why he put this in the note as if I had the MP hugged and captured. He was immediately let go - by my orders - outside of research by the drone. Nothing else happened to him during that time.

I immediately contacted the CO and asked about the warrant (as it was for sedition). He told me it was because I had grown the hive more unapproved. I tell him on comms that the Captain had approved it. He then says I didn’t answer his questions either. I ask him what questions, but got no response. I continue negotiating with the queen, trying to meet her demands (which was literally just an office and the 4 monkeys) and get her to agree to go down. Then, I hear an explosion and marine storm research after I got them to agree, to which all my researchers, the liaison, and an MP were all WILLINGLY inside of the containment cell trying to calm things down and talk with both sides. Command refuses to stand down and I declare I’m staying neutral and not to attack - because up until then everyone was friendly. I tell the MP to back up so they don’t get assaulted, same with the researchers.

The CO then leads a battlecharge into attacking containment while the xenos defend themselves - leaving everyone neutral alone. Even without being allied, the only thing that happened was a rogue hugger spawned and hugged a researcher who I gave surgery to. The CMP and one of his MPs (who was killing bugs earlier) make their way into one of the cells and shoot me, and then get mauled while trying to kill me. The CMP’s last action before dying was trying to stab me to death as I stood still and moved away from him. Eventually I end up collapsing and going into crit of bloodloss and organ failure caused by the CMP and his MP. I was rescued by researchers and doctors who tended to my wounds, and gave me a bag of blood.

Once I can stand on my own feet, I immediately grab an IV and bag of blood and run to maintenance. Again, uncertain why that’s apart of my note, but I did it nonetheless. I hid in maintenance while trying to convince command staff and the CO that they’re not hostile and if they stand down, they won’t attack. I also told them my plans of what I was trying to do, that I didn’t understand why they randomly attacked, and was trying to calm down the situation. The CO repeatedly ordered my death over comms, and the CMP as well. Although the CMP had actually tried to murder me while I explicitly stayed neutral. At this point, the CO, CMP, ASO were all going ballistic and were calling for my death and I literally was out of options after trying repeatedly to stop it. I faked going crazy over comms in hopes people would think I killed myself, saying I was running into the hive (I stayed in maintenance the whole time), and had my sensors off. I called for a mutiny during this time which, as far as I’m aware, not against mutineering rules (?). I don’t know how you’re supposed to get people for the mutiny if you don’t speak IC. Nonetheless, I stayed in the maintenance area until the ASO found me. He instantly shot me on sight on orders of the CO, to which I disarmed him and took his gun. I did not shoot back, or try to. I ended up dropping his gun from the pain and ran out the door when he ran out of ammo.

The ASO caught up to me and killed me, without me harming him at all. I eventually got detained by an MP, revived by my staff, and was sent on a pod forcefully.

Overall, I literally did everything in my power to keep this as peaceful as possible. I legitimately think this was out of my control and that I had no real power in the way this went. I would understand an initial note maybe about one xeno being grown because marines were failing because I didn’t ask CIC first, even though SOP allows it - but even Segrain said this wasn’t a rule-break.

I would like to reiterate that I legitimately never harmed anyone aside from the bravo shooting everyone in the ARES hallway. That is only time I directly harmed someone. I did not escalate anything at all. The only thing I did was try to blow heat off me by talking about forming a mutiny (I, once again, did nothing but say people should mutiny I think once). Even the asking her of the gibbing was not entirely true in my note. Someone said the hive got cleared and mocked me on comms for it, and I had no sight of the queen and thought she was dead. She was not in my sight, nor was she feasibly able to be told this by me even if she was alive. I just said it over comms. I never got to actually ask her to gib the CMP.

I exhausted all my methods of peaceful resolution and was not aiming to harm anyone. I was going to call evacuation because of the impending situation the CO was doing so that anyone who wanted to could escape. I was planning to take a pod, but the ASO shot and killed me.

I would also like to combat Segrain’s accusation that he placed after the ban was applied. My time has not been spent as “an endless streak of warping every possible rule and law to cause havoc and grief to other players.” I have actively tried to improve peoples’ experiences, roleplay, teach, mentor, and help out in any way I can. I have spent probably the last 10 of my CMO rounds before this one teaching people repeatedly. I even got a medal for this by the same CO this round, in round 22554 for teaching 3 new nurses and having them roleplay with CIC in a quizz-bowl-like fashion. A while ago, I spent time as a CT doing a req tent gimmick, to which I was commemorated by staff on. I have actively tried to improve and I legitimately do not know what else would be wanted of me more than to do gimmicks like the req tent, or spend hours of my time teaching new nurses and doctors and players.


Griefing, community expectations, mutiny rules. As CMO, made unauthorized corrupted hive in research. When a researcher reported it to police, ordered researcher to be arrested for sedition (on pretense that he tried to release them by shooting bulletproof glass). When a MP came to arrest her for said sedition, repeatedly disarmed him and let xenos devour him. Later ran away into maintenance and called over radio to start mutiny and asked corrupted queen to gib the CMP…

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from-Segrain: I will be blunt. Pretty much nothing of what you have done is anywhere close to acceptable behaviour. Your entire history on the server is nothing but an endless streak of warping every possible rule and law to cause havoc and grief to other players. I do not see how any of your activities this round can be even remotely justified. You have had countless warnings. enough.


I was the round’s Warden. I can clear up something - MST Joe Beasley wasn’t the only one who knew greenos were being worked on. I just happened to be passing research when I heard a single queen stomp which I reported up MP comms alerting both the CMP and XO to the existence of greenos in research.

I was for a short time at the initial discovery of the greenos and later on at the CO’s attempted extermination of the greenos where most of the MP department and the CO was killed. So if the admin assigned the appeal wants to know anything about those two events, I might be able to shed some light on those.

Please share any information you can about the event.

Of course, I’ll give a detailed accounting.

So, I was the latejoin warden, so I was out looking for alot of the little items I grab as engineering gear and I was on my way to see if the portable crew monitor was still in it’s spawn when I heard a single step of the greeno queen. This stomp must have alerted Beasley as well as he piped up on general ship comms. I reported it up MP comms getting both the CMP and XO to show up at research as well as Beasley. As a group we went in. We saw the greenos and Beasley attempted to shoot the window to try to get at the greenos. The CMO started trying to flash him, the CMP cuffed him, and I took custody of Beasley based off an officer ordered arrest from the CMO.

From there I went to the brig, processed Beasley, and faxed his appeal. The CMP came in to discuss a possible sedition charge against the CMO and which I thought was too high of a charge(though I do believe the CMO was guilty of NOD due to not informing the commander in a timely fashion, which she definitely did have the time to do - the greeno was already a full queen when I became aware of it). From this point on, I was swamped in brig with a large amount of aslept griefers, which we’d normally just pod but I got LOOC’d by you Biolock to keep them in either the processing cell or perma. I picked perma so nobody got the idea that the MP department wasn’t functioning.

Finally after a while, the CO latejoined, the red alert was raised and the majority of the MP department showed up at research along with the CO. We breached and initially were there to arrest the CMO while the CMO was in the containment cell using the greenos, essentially using the friendly hive as a shield. This lead the CO to call for the extermination of the greenos which the MPs, CO, and a few marines attempted and failed while the CMO hid in the cell and at least one researcher and an SO seemed to purposefully got in the way of the marines trying to exterminate the greenos. The CO was capped and eventually burst along with at least one other marine. Multiple people including a few MPs were dragged to medical. My body wasn’t seen and I was left to perma along with another marine as well.

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Hello, I play the Colonel known as Greg Lauffer, otherwise referred to as the Miracle of Sol. I will explain from my character’s point of view what exactly happened per his own experience.

Per USCM Emergency Protocol A-221 Colonel Greg Lauffer was awoken from cryogenics due to a prolonged marine campaign, considering the vessel is old and already damaged from the previous operation, extended missions are not ideal. Therefore, in order to rectify the situation Colonel Greg Lauffer was awoken.

I quickly announced my presence and made by way to CIC, I informed the CIC officers I expected them all to render the finest salute possible as is procedure. They failed, and I was forced to exit CIC and re-enter for them to try again. This occurred three times before they managed to meet expectations. I returned the salute as is procedure to seal the sign of respect and trust between superior and subordinate and after a short conversation with the XO I took the helm and reported my arrival to the marines which undoubtfully provided a much-needed morale boost to the exhausted marines on the ground.

Whilst engaged in strategic planning involving a detailed map of the colony’s surface and various figurines to conduct wargames with to determine the best possible course of action on the colony I was alerted by the XO about the CMO and research creating xenos without his permission. Curious but assured it was not major I continued to do an in-depth analysis on the groundside operation. That is until the CMP entered. After a crisp salute as is procedure I was informed the CMP had gunned down multiple marines attempting to break into research. I was also told that the CMO had approved the creation of the bugs, but never had the XO give any stamp of approval and considered it a threat. I proceeded to utilize my commlink to contact the CMO who gave me very vague answers or frankly answer at all.

Nearly a minute later out of nowhere a bug pried his way into CIC, a command restricted area and seat of the command that I as a Colonel held. Fearing for my life as I had been told the CMO was potentially planning to turn against the vessel with their xenos I drew my mateba and in several swift shots I eliminated the creature just as it was inches away from my jugular with its talons. I of course made sure to finish it in a humane way with a straight shot to the head, as Colonel Greg Lauffer is regarded as a Dove who values life and will only take one if it is absolutely necessary.

With a threat at my doorstep, and both the CMP and XO relaying to me that the CMO was planning sedition I had no choice but to give the order to terminate the bugs, especially after confirming that it was not just one of them, but a dozen. Considering our skeleton shipside force, if they wanted to rise up it was inevitable we’d not be able to fend them off without redirecting forces from the ground to assist. I gave the order over shipside announcements, this way the marines groundside would not be alarmed and could focus on their task. I was then informed by the XO that prior to my awakening, the CMO had threatened mutiny over comms. This put me on guard, as the worst potential situation was unfolding. I then geared up and moved to research, my character is a known war veteran trained in several types of martial arts and has utilized weapons ranging from light to heavy, therefore he was prepared. Once arriving at research and having ordered the CMO to surrender themselves (which I received no answer on and they were now in the containment cells). I therefore gave the order and fired the first shot, for as a leader whatever was to come after, I would be responsible for starting, not my own marines who might regret their actions and incur PTSD. Many of the conscripts are younger men and women, Colonel Greg Lauffer did not want them to make such a stressful decision to initiate combat.

During the course of the battle, I was able to narrowly gun down several xenos alone, many of them cowering back into their containment cell as the sound of my mateba was equal to that of a roaring train engine scaring them back. Just as I had the queen in my sight and nearly killed, I noticed a marine had frozen in the cell, as if in fear. Out of reflex for the care of my marines I grabbed him and threw him back and in that same moment a facehugger from the corpses rotting in that very cell leaped my way, and I was knocked out and captured.

After awakening and realizing my time was short, I gave the order to arrest the CMO for sedition as they had fled research and were in hiding as their Commanding Officer and other marines remained captured by the green xenos they created. Realizing also that our shipside force would not be sufficient and that it would be likely the bugs would breach and demolish tcomms, CIC, and requisitions I made the executive decision to withdraw all marines from the surface to fight the bugs shipside. While our mission was to rescue the colony, to my character the USS Almayer is our unit’s pride and joy and were we to lose it we would inevitably find ourselves losing against the bugs planetside without the support of the USCM vessel in orbit.

From this point on, my character thought in his last moments of his wife and two twins who’d just turned 2, sorrowful that he would not be able to see them grow up. But he knew the risk he took as a USCM officer, and knew they’d understand one day. I then bursted and Colonel Greg Lauffer, Miracle of Sol was dead.

If you were to ask what caused this disaster, I would argue that I acted based on the information given by both the CMP and XO, my most trusted officers. I also was very concerned with research, usually the CMO is the one keeping the researchers in line and relaying to me what exactly is happening as the department head is held to a higher standard, considering I had lost this trust with them I had no choice but to act in order to protect the success of the operation and the safety of my vessel, especially considering the xenos numbers onboard compared to our own. This could have been a failure to communicate the situation to myself as the Commanding Officer, or perhaps the CMO did intend to utilize the xenos to mutiny. Communication is key, and clearly it was muddied this operation, but I acted according to the situation that was present.


Just want to point out some things about these responses. No real giant critiques.

From bursting it takes ~100 seconds to become a queen. I didn’t see it burst initially. Once it evolves to drone it instantly can evolve into a queen. This isn’t super important but I thought it was relevant. I didn’t see it till I walked back into the room.

This happened after an MP killed 2 with a shotgun. I had a drone kick him out (I couldn’t do it, sunglasses). I went to go apologize to the queen and was trying to keep persuading her to be on our side. Logs will show me apologizing, saying I don’t know what they’re doing, and to not retaliate because they’ll likely kill them.

I think this is where the miscommunication garbanza begins to start. I only created the one initial one. XO came in, spoke with me, approved them, left. The next bit is where I think it really hit the fan because of how we all perceived a situation differently.

This was the griefer wave that appeared multiple times. I thought one of them was a mutiny because I found a bunch of dead and headless MPs in the hallway with my researchers and a group of marines firing. I shouted “mutiny” as I was getting gunned down and died. I spoke with the XO in the Discord and they thought I was calling for a mutiny, and interpreted that as I was growing even more xenos to mutineer with. I think this is where the main “unauthorized xenos” comes into play.

Just want to point out I was dead whenever you awoke, died again I believe from my wounds, and went into crit at least literally 10 times that round. I kept having to load myself with inaprovaline and dexalin so I wouldn’t genuinely keep dying from either the griefers, or the gunfight in containment. I didn’t hear a lot of the stuff that was being said and tried to clarify and let everyone know over comms that I was unconscious and couldn’t hear.

Mentioned this earlier, but I want to re-iterate I didn’t call for a mutiny until literally all of command was hunting for my head. I thought the griefers were a mutineering group and this is where the XO and CMP pulled this from.

I was trying my best to. As I said I had multiple times gone into critical and died quite a few times over the course of the round. I tried to keep communicating and work with command, never fired a single shot at anybody.

I was the CMP John Kilgore. Your arrest was ordered for creating xenos without authorization, you then took a MP hostage inside containment and used the greenos as a human shield so we couldn’t get you. I was later informed that you were trying to get the greenos to gib my corpse and you let the CO burst in research. You knew exactly what you were doing lmao


The XO did not order my arrest. The XO approved more xenos. You then lied to the CO and told him they were now all unapproved for some reason which caused that, while I was dead or dealing with the griefers.

I never took anybody hostage. I quite literally spent a good chunk of my time trying to evict your MPs. Anyone who came into containment came willingly.

I was negotiating with them and apologizing after the MP that I evicted (never held hostage) killed two of them.

Yes. You attempted to kill me earlier. You were lying as not only an MP, but the CMP. You literally seemed to have caused this entire situation by lying to the CO. You had me framed as a seditionist trying to mutineer.

Actually, I was dying from the wounds you caused while trying to treat people who were hugged. I wasn’t willingly let anyone die from chest bursting.

If anyone knew what they were doing, it was probably you. Lying as an MP to get arrests is very much against the rules, nonetheless to cause a mass-shootout on the ship. Forcing your MPs to leave research because they’re killing an allied hive is not taking someone hostage. What kind of hostage is outside of an area they’re being held hostage in? HOW does someone being held hostage help breach containment alongside you?


I didn’t lie to anyone at all, this was investigated in game for about an hour and I was cleared of any wrong doing. My MP Stated multiple times in comms that you had flashed him, restrained him and held him captive in research. I don’t know why you are calling me a liar here, if you genuinely believe this, open a player report against me. I am not here to debate you on this report, I’m trying to give context for what happened from my view.

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I will be handling this report in a week or two.

The process takes quite a long time for me, especially with issues as round-spanning as this, so please be patient. People on this thread, feel free to include any additional information you might have about the event, but please follow the staff report rules. If you’re not adding new information, please don’t comment on this thread; I will be closely reviewing the round’s logs and will be privy to most information by the end of the reading; any superfluous information added in this commentary will do little but extend the investigation.


Captain Wayne Durstine here.

I’ve already submitted my point of view of events, per admin request (through ahelps). So I will be responding to some of the points made by this thread. Please bear with me as I am new to forms formatting, and don’t know how to use most of the fancy features.

I was called into research after hearing that Xenomorphs were made without my authorization. A few moments after I left, CIC went into chaos with Staff Officers giving mixed orders, and marines taking losses for not knowing what to do. My presence urgently needed to bring order to CIC, I authorized the current green xenomorphs. However, I believe there was miscommunication during the authorization, because I did not authorize additional corrupted xenomorph entities. To of which more were created.

What happened during the inital calling to the containment, was that the CMP, Warden, and MST followed me into containment. The MST then magdumps the window, to of which I order their immediate removal. It did take a few moments, but we did get them out.

I believe that is all the points I can respond to, as I was not there for most of the attack, nor griefing privates who attempted to break into research.

If there’s any clarification needed from me on my point of view of the round, please let me know so I can post what may be needed.