Airburst nades. Why dont people like them? Also why no Ot airbursts?

Over the years i noticed people seem to prefer normal grenades over airburst when they use the grenade launcher. And some even think its bad. Wich i honestly never get. Its a direction, ranged explosive without timer. Yes its a bit weaker but still, it has its own positives. So i just want to ask how you all feel about them.

And also, what would people say that dont like airburst, if OT could make custome ones? I would personaly would love being abel to make OT airburst nades. Just wanna talk about it. Maybe one of the achients around here knows why OT cant make Airburst because of past events.

They are extremely weak and don’t stun (which is the main point of nades in the game). Fire one is probably okay, fragmentation one can deal a lot of damage (especially to humans) but sometimes it just deals 0 damage due to byond fuckery and/or bugs. So overall there is little to no impact in airburst nades. You legit can achieve more by running GL with baton slugs or whatever the name.

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The main way for marines to use nades still is by throwing, therefore airburst not so popular. People do use them usually FF other marines more so it gains more of a stigma.

Before nanu fixed AGM-F it used to deal insane amounts of damage if timed correctly

The incen one does some good damage, but GLs really aren’t dragging tools. HEDP is massively more useful for structure clearing, stun application, and especially body recovery.

Frag nade is very powerful IF you hit a target, that’s about 200 damage straight up. Issue is its quite difficult to hit, you need to aim for the tile in front of your intended target, if you click the tile the target is on the nade will miss.

They are weak and cause more damage to marines than being useful against xeno’s which makes them trash.

Mostly they’re buggy and inconsistent so you can’t get the damage to actually apply, and then there’s also no IFF so its hard to even get a chance to shoot, and then finally, the damage ends up being anemic in actual reality; I’m not sure if it still has a bunch of fragmentation that can outright RNG miss so a hit can do less than half the actual damage, but at 200 damage max you’ll still only kill a lesser drone with a direct hit.

Runner HP is 230, and Lurker HP, the next lowest, is 450. Most xenos have 500+ and these faster castes are already really poor targets for the airburst - you’re basically never going to hit them and you’d have to hit them 2-3x anyway which is your entire grenade packet. Contrast that with the utlity of HEDP instead and it’s not even close.

Instead of trying to use these airburst nades which hit inconsistently and don’t actually do as much damage in practice as it seems like they should on paper; go for a mouse shotgun, you’ll deal better burst damage, more reliably, and with easily replenishable ammo. The airburst grenades are just a noob trap.

They weren’t when they were first introduced, but the nerfs have made sure they aren’t worth bothering with anymore.

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I think its also the fact you can use pills in any weapon you want and you have played multiple games where you pull a pin and throw a gernade at a enemy. Its a simple concept and you dont need to learn much.

Airburst you need to actively learn how they work, what works best, what situations they are best for, when you can take much simpler, easier, and efficient gernades.