Alakaya - Player Report: AlexGuinea, They had a complete ineptitude of ML, and were being a nuisance. Further they were accusing others of not following SOP

Alakaya - Player Report: Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain, They had a complete ineptitude of ML, and were being a nuisance. Further they were accusing others of not following SOP

What’s your BYOND key?

Time of incident:

Your character name:
Amanda Apone

Accused BYOND key:

Accused character name:
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain

What rule(s) were broken?:
They had a complete ineptitude of ML, and were being a nuisance. Further they were accusing others of not following SOP

Description of the incident:
There were reports from an MT that the CL was a spy, and the CL was repeatedly yelling for the CMP to come to their office. As the captain, I went with the CMP to the CL office. We told them that we had arrived, and told them to open the shutters to which they did not comply. I had the CE disassemble the wall into their office so we could get in and we started to search. After we entered, I asked an MT to open a locked door so that we could search the room. (The CL’s spawn room with the safe and bed). The CL then proceeded to assault the MT, despite me having told the MT to open the door. They were then arrested, and I am not sure what happened next. But after we had searched their office, the CL and CMP were in medbay, by the double door near research. The CL then ran, and refused to comply.

After they were arrested they were offered an appeal, to which they accepted, but they demanded that their appeal go to the CO. There was no CO at the time, and nether the CMP or myself could do the appeal as we were involved, so I delegated it to an SO. The CL then refused to have their appeal done by the SO, so it was sent to Provost. As far as I know there was no response.

Evidence below:

The CL’s appeal was as follows:

to Provost
I wish to appeal my charges based on SOP voilations from SOs and MPs not handling my arrest well-

from, Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain
location: USS Almayer
date and time: Saturday 18 March 2182,12:48

Here is a collection of statements from them as well. I do not have all of them as I was in CIC.

Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I have no food.”

Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I will bang on the yard window unless you come to respond to me.”

Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] asks, “Why did I not get my appeal XO?”

2ndLt Makimilian Von Dinkelvert [Almayer (SO)] says, “You did you denied it”

Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I did not.”

2ndLt Nina ‘Salt’ Pacheco [Almayer (MW)] says, “I faxxed your appeal.”
2ndLt Nina ‘Salt’ Pacheco [Almayer (MW)] says, “Shut the fuck up.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I said I still wanted a appeal.”
PFC Archibald V. Cartwright [Almayer (MT)] says, “It was faxed. THe MPs are waiting.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I wrote it.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “But.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “You left.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “So without hearing me.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “You deined my appeal.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] asks, “Also why was I put in a straight jacket?”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “And why am I sealed in a room without air…”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “*gasps.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] shouts, “I-I C-AN-'T BRE-ATH!”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “*gasps and chokes.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “*chokes then goes silent…”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “CO.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I wish to appeal.”

(There was still no CO at this point)

Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “MPs.”
PFC Archibald V. Cartwright [Almayer (MT)] says, “You appealed to Provost.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] asks, “Why will you not let me appeal?”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “No I did not.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I appealed to CO.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] asks, “Why do I not have a appeal?”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “CO.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “HELP.”

(Still no CO)

Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I CAN’T BREATH.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “AGGHHH.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “AGHHH.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “HELllpppp…”
PFC Archibald V. Cartwright [Almayer (MT)] says, “Please remove his head set. He is annoying the rest of us.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “I request a appeal.”
PFC Archibald V. Cartwright [Almayer (MT)] says, “Broke my skull. Ran away.”
1stLt Griffin ‘Mad Dog’ Garrett [Almayer (CMO)] says, “Assaulted MT who was breaking into CL office and then ran from MP’s”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “CMO.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] asks, “Why don’t I have my appeal?”
PFC Archibald V. Cartwright [Almayer (MT)] says, “I was ordered to breach by the XO.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “CMO.”
1stLt Griffin ‘Mad Dog’ Garrett [Almayer (CMO)] says, “Yes? No idea what happened there”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “They won’t let me appeal.”
Capt Amanda Apone [Almayer (XO)] says, “Shut the fuck up CL. You were appealed, and it was denied.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “No.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “You never appealed me.”
Capt Amanda Apone [Almayer (XO)] says, “Yes, you were.”
Capt Amanda Apone [Almayer (XO)] says, “I delegated it to an SO.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “Please.”
Capt Amanda Apone [Almayer (XO)] says, “I was involved in the arrest.”
Capt Amanda Apone [Almayer (XO)] says, “And there was no CO at the time.”
2ndLt Nina ‘Salt’ Pacheco [Almayer (MW)] says, “He is lying.”
Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain [Almayer (CL)] says, “If you are going to perma brig me, seal me in without light, then straight jacket me. just kill me then.”
2ndLt Nina ‘Salt’ Pacheco [Almayer (MW)] says, “He is a violent liar.”

Subsequently the CL’s headset was removed, so I do not have anymore of what they said. If someone with access to logs would like to post the rest, please do.

This person constantly power trips with any sort of authority role, and has demonstrated it many times.



Good day. I was the CO of that round. I joined late, Around the time he was crying for the CO. I looked at his filed appeal and was informed multiple people had attempted to handle his appeal, and when I checked to see what he had written to the provost. I told him to get bent and pointed out he was wasting people’s time. Granted, only I was a little mean about it in character. But I wasn’t OOCLY angry with the dude.

He pretty much just acts like a lesser Bob Huey before he chilled out. From my own experience, all he did was act like how most people act when they get jailed and a CO logs on.


To further add to the LRP of this player, here is a transcript of another encounter I had today. This was after arresting them when they had broke into the CO’s office and stolen the baton and a money bag from the safe. They were assaulting the CL when I walked in, so I arrested them, and they admitted to breaking into the CO’s Office.

Pastebin link of the conversation is here, and will by pasted below incase it doesn’t work.

  1. [00:18] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “The CL payed me to break into CO office and steal jones I have the money in my bag.”

  2. [00:20] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “But.”

  3. [00:25] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “I did not steal jones.”

  4. [00:27] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “I break in.”

  5. [00:33] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “But I did not steal jones.”

  6. [00:41] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Look in my bag.”

  7. [00:46] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “You will see the payment.”

  8. [00:52] Amanda Apone says, “You are being charged with assault, and DTGP.”

  9. [00:56] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “So CL addided me.”

  10. [01:02] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Aided me.”

  11. [01:09] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “He should also be charged.”

  12. [01:24] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “MP.”

  13. [01:30] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain asks, “Why was CL not charged?”

  14. [01:46] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain asks, “Can you tell me why you are pardoning the CL?”

  15. [01:54] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain asks, “Can you speak?”

  16. [02:08] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain asks, “Not even a investagtion?”

  17. [02:17] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “You just are not going to speak.”

  18. [02:20] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Also.”

  19. [02:25] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Where was my arrest order.”

  20. [03:12] Amanda Apone says, “You have the right to an appeal, blah blah blah”

  21. [03:14] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Ah.”

  22. [03:21] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain asks, “So you like to voilate SOP?”

  23. [04:10] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Hey.”

  24. [04:13] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Um.”

  25. [04:21] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Wow.”

  26. [04:23] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Nice one.”

  27. [04:24] Amanda Apone says, “Got the MT.”

  28. [04:32] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Not even charging CL.”

  29. [04:43] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “And only speaking when it is only nesacery.”

  30. [04:54] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Even though people are asking you shit.”

  31. [05:25] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain asks, “Why is the CMP refering to me a “her”?”

  32. [05:30] Simon ‘ghost’ Mcshain says, “Stop.”

  33. [05:39] Amanda Apone says, “Good riddance”

  34. [05:51] Barnabas Von Schonkopf says, “What did Ze dunderhead do.”

  35. [05:56] Amanda Apone says, “Well”

  36. [06:07] Amanda Apone says, “They broke into the CO’s office, stole from the safe, and assaulted the CL.”

  37. [06:16] Amanda Apone says, “Then attempted to blame it on the CL”

  38. [06:20] Barnabas Von Schonkopf says, “What a fool.”

  39. [06:24] Amanda Apone says, “Indeed”

  40. [06:33] Amanda Apone says, “They’ll have fun with the Marshals”

  41. [06:34] Barnabas Von Schonkopf says, “Can ze fool hear us.”

  42. [06:41] Amanda Apone says, “Probably”

  43. [06:47] Barnabas Von Schonkopf says, “Hey.”

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They once again showed an ineptitude of how appeals work. At 4:21 PM (16:21) They said that they were being denied an appeal.

I had offered for them to write one, and they refused, asking for the XO. So the CMP asked for the XO over the radio, but they were busy. After telling them that the XO was busy, they claimed that we were just denying their appeal.

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Heya! I actually handled bits and pieces of this situation, I didnt witness everything though as I was also busy handling other ahelps while also playing myself.
Still I think two ahelps that I handled regarding the situation might be relevant.

I handled a situation regarding a MT breaking into the CLs office. (This was the same MT that was yelling over radio that the CL was a UPP spy.) Upon investigation they were doing this for seemingly no reason apart from messing with the CL, so I resolved that.

This also ties into an ahelp I received from the MT that got hit by the CLs cane. It seemed that the CL mistook them for the other MT. In the end I resolved this by deeming it handled ICly since the CL was getting arrested for it by the MPs. (I also took into account that the CL was probably on edge because of the whole situation, and it was also pretty chaotic/messy with lots of people in the CLs office doing lots of things while you guys went in there.)

So yeah TLDR the entire situation seemed pretty chaotic and those were the things that I personally handled, I hope that provides some extra clarity regarding the situation.

I also wanted to add that I’m not really sure what this report is for? And with that I mean what rule violation are you reporting this player for. This isn’t me as a staff member saying that you NEED to clarify it more, but as a person I’m just not entirely sure lol. (If you need to look at our rules for stuff like rule numbers and rule names you can find them over here Rules - CM-SS13)

I’ll also go ahead and add the Ckey of the accused to this report.


I checked the logs and this was already handled by admins.