Alakaya - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Jarek

Alakaya - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Jarek

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Amanda Apone

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What are you reporting?:
Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:
During Briefing. I had asked “Can we go to mc donald”, and about five minutes later I received a message that it was somehow LRP.

Admin PM from-JarekTheRaptor: The reference to mcdonalds might be funny to you but it’s LRP, so please avoid it
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Admin PM from-JarekTheRaptor: Hmm lets see CM is a good hundred years in the future, Mcdonalds doesn’t exist any more

PM to-Admins: Mc Donalds was created in 1955, Aliens was made in 1986. So speaking logically, yes it would exist. It is the most popular fast food franchise in the world, and if civilization became space-fareing, then Mc Donalds would most definitely expand its business off-world. And if it is LRP to ask about it, then how do we get a pizza delivery? Why isn’t that LRP?

In my opinion, it is quite logical to assume that Mc DOnalds would still exist. It is a multi-billion dollar company that is all over the world. If we developed space travel and it was commercially available, Mc Donalds would most definitely have expanded and developed as a company.

Further, there is a list of confirmed companies that exist in the Aliens universe. (Listed here Category:Companies and corporations | Xenopedia | Fandom) Which include companies such as Verizon and Polaris. Logically, it would make sense that if companies such as these could survive into the future, than Mc Donalds could as well.


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Yeah, You shouldn’t have received a note for this.
Will be removed.
Just Like Space Tesco, Mcdonald’s does exist in the universe.

No action taken against Jarek as it was a simple judgment call.