Alakaya - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - MsLoveShacker

Alakaya - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - MsLoveShacker

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

Amanda Apone

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What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

During the round, I was XO. At the very start I made an Announcement that I would be using the ARC in order to provide support groundside. Once I had purchased the ARC and deployed, the Major told me to return to CIC, to which I refused. After a while I was captured, but then escaped an MP.

After eluding the MP, I ran out of the Dropship, unaware that Xenos were so close. I was attempting to run to the North part of the FOB in order to escape, but was caught by Xenos and killed. After doing so, I immediately got a message from Shacker asking why I tried to escape. I attempted to explain to them that I was escaping an execution, but they seemingly refused to accept that.

Further, later in the round the Major made an announcement that stated the following
"Get some cades up.

We can still make it out alive, despite the betrayal of Kapitan Apone of the UPP Space Forces

Signed by,
Major Thomas Neumann"

As for this, would this not be LRP by the standards they are trying to enforce against me?


21:54:22: MsLoveShacker PM’d Alakaya/(Amanda Apone)
21:54:22: PM From MsLoveShacker: Why did you do that?
21:54:28: Reply PM from-Alakaya: Do what?
21:54:35: PM From MsLoveShacker: You commited suicide.
21:54:40: Reply PM from-Alakaya: I did not.
21:54:55: PM From MsLoveShacker: You walked off the alamo to die.
21:55:16: Reply PM from-Alakaya: No, I did not. It was an attempt to escape.
21:55:22: PM From MsLoveShacker: Escape where?
21:55:31: Reply PM from-Alakaya: North of FOB.
21:55:44: PM From MsLoveShacker: You are in cuffs and there is an active siege.
21:55:57: Reply PM from-Alakaya: From the south. Not the north.
21:56:48: PM From MsLoveShacker: You - as XO - are a years-deep professional officer. Why are you avoiding capture by the military police, and attempting a completely suicidal Escape.
21:57:04: PM From MsLoveShacker: On top of that, you ran south. You didn’t run north when getting off the DS. I saw you.
21:58:04: Reply PM from-Alakaya: It isn’t a suicidal escape. Secondly, I HAD to run south to get through the containers and other marines. Did you not see how the FOB was laid out?
21:58:33: PM From MsLoveShacker: It is a suicidal escape. You are running off a dropship during an active siege on a hostile locale.
21:59:01: Reply PM from-Alakaya: In an attempt to escape. I have said that.
21:59:10: PM From MsLoveShacker: Escape to WHERE
21:59:20: Reply PM from-Alakaya: As I said before, North of FOB.
21:59:29: PM From MsLoveShacker: The HOSTILE PLANET
21:59:56: Reply PM from-Alakaya: And? I can stay behind the cades and use a weapon to defend myself.
22:00:33: PM From MsLoveShacker: You actively saw xenos rushing the alamo and STILL didn’t follow the marines onto the alamo/let the MP take you.
22:01:49: Reply PM from-Alakaya: Actually, I did not see the Xenos. Further, why would I allow an MP to re-capture me to take me to a slow death? I’d rather take my chances at escape. Further, this should just be an IC issue.
22:02:08: PM From MsLoveShacker: A slow death? From what?
22:02:48: Reply PM from-Alakaya: What do you think? They were consistently choking me, and dragging me around. Combine that with an execution.
22:03:09: PM From MsLoveShacker: r u fr
22:03:20: Reply PM from-Alakaya: Can you please talk normallty?
22:03:42: Reply PM from-Alakaya: If you’re going to try and note me for this, then how about noting Neuman for that announcement?
22:04:14: PM From MsLoveShacker: What I can do, is tell you that you will be recieving a 3 hour ban, and roleban.
22:04:21: Reply PM from-Alakaya: What for?
22:04:47: PM From MsLoveShacker: Griefing, and LRP. The ladder of which I warned you about earlier in this same round.
22:04:55: Reply PM from-Alakaya: How did I grief, then?
22:05:15: Reply PM from-Alakaya: It also isn’t LRP to attempt to escape an execution.

Despite asking for an explanation, none was given.

You have been noted by MsLoveShacker.
The note is : Ban for Rule 2, 4, and 8 - Was deployed to FOB to lead. Was ordered to return by CO and refused. When arrest was ordered, she then commandeered the ARC with which she attempted to murder the CO. When She was arrested on the dropship, she attempted escape over and over, until finally succeeding while evac was called. With multiple Xenos within sight, she ran east to escape, but failed to resist out of cuffs 10ish meters from the alamo.

Further, if possible I ask for anyone with video of the events to post such, or send it to me on discord. Thanks!

Two things.

  1. You attempted to murder your superior officer over a completely valid insubordination charge. You ran off the Alamo during what you knew as an active siege, while evac was occurring to escape said murder charge. That was why there was a rush of marines who got bodyblocked by you and the MP trying to recapture you. You as XO are held to a high standard of Roleplay and skill-usage. If the CO wasn’t there, you are the pilot of the entire round. Do not abuse this role, or you face a jobban, as you recieved.

  2. Reports are not a peanut gallery, you should not be calling out another player in your report. If you believe what the CO did is LRP, you can make a PR as it is a WL issue and not a staff issue. Even if you ahelped that in round, it would be marked as such.

I ran them over as they were attempting to arrest, kill me, and destroy the ARC. How is that not reasonable?

r u fr

I watched a video of you attempting to murder the CO with the ARC. I have not reviewed logs as of the moment, but I will state emphatically that you cannot use lethal means - including repeatedly driving over someone in a vehicle - to escape or retaliate against an attempted arrest, nor a battlefield execution. The exception to this is if you have ALREADY been fired upon in an attempt for execution.

Logs will be reviewed for this incident, but I must warn you now, you are extremely close to being removed from this community for causing nothing but trouble on a regular basis. Your notes are a mile long and represent an astoundingly poor history.

Management are discussing next steps regarding this, and should “extremely close” turn into “happening” you will be contacted. Regardless of either outcome on that discussion however, this report will still be looked into.

Thanks, Have a good night.

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As per request of Alakaya, I am posting a video containing evidence. The video contains all evidence that i recorded about Amanda Apone, Thomas Neumann, and Others[dead chat and extra footage] about what happened edited down. This is all the evidence that i can see in the recording.

Now, there are no rules stating that i can not post these things, if any admin wants to remove it for a good reason, do it without question.

I am just giving information, I consider myself a NEUTRAL PARTY in this report.
The video was made at 720p, youtube might take a bit to encode it.


You’re good.

People should only be commenting on player reports for the following reasons:

  • Involved & Adding Evidence/Events from their Point of View
  • Not Involved & Adding Evidence
  • Asked by a Staff Member

Heya! So I took a look at this situation and I think I can just quickly get it resolved without having someone pull all of the logs.

Looking through the logs it seems like you had taken the Armoured Recon Carrier groundside to use it.
The CO disapproved and ordered you to come back to CIC, something that you refused to do.
The CO then went groundside with multiple other people to arrest you.
When the attempt to arrest you was made you had locked the ARC and were using it as a weapon against the people trying to arrest you.
When the Synth entered the ARC to do the arrest you took out your rifle and started shooting them.
A while later you ended up arrested on the DS but ran out of it into the xenos that were taking the LZ at the time, dying swiftly after.

Some additional things to note:

  • You had not asked permission to deploy at all, something that is required as per unmodifiable-SOP
  • While the CO did discuss arresting you there was never ANY mention of execution at all by the CO or MPs
  • The only mention of execution pre escape that I can find is a researcher trying, and failing, to reach out to you via the ARC telephone to warn you about the CO planning to execute you. (I dont quite know why they thought that)

Now to actually come to a conclusion for the report.
Multiple rules were broken here.
Rule 2 because you were not following unmodifiable SOP as XO but also because you were just fundamentally not following the roleplay standards we expect of a role like a XO.
Rule 4 since you were basically griefing the marines by attacking multiple people with the ARC during a pivotal moment of the FOB siege.
Rule 8 since there was no hope of escape, and you basically just committed suicide by trying to escape the MPs like that. (This would be less of an issue if you were playing a less limited and important role)
And also Rule 10 since you improperly escalated against multiple people surrounding your arrest.

I dont see any staff misconducts or mistakes by @LoveShacker besides not mentioning the IE in the ban.
Being totally honest I will say that a 3 hour ban along with the command job-ban is extremely lenient. But staff members are allowed some wiggle room in the actions that they take so I dont see any issue there.
I will be denying this staff report and no action will be taken against MsLoveShacker. I will also not be editing the note at all pending management looking into this situation combined with your note/ban history.

EDIT: I forgot to mention but while this isnt a player report I will cover it really quickly for completeness sake. While I cant speak for the CO council and their whitelist standards I can say that I did not see ANYTHING that would violate our RP rules in regards to actions the CO took and things the CO said. I also very highly doubt that any part of this situation would be an issue regarding the standards of the whitelist.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs