Alakaya - Staff Report: Violation of Event Protocols - blackdragon813

Alakaya - Staff Report: Violation of Event Protocols - blackdragon813

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

Amanda Apone

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Violation of Event Protocols

Description of the incident:

During the basketball event, I grabbed the SEA once, and then pat them on the back. Then I had my left leg amputated for no reason. This is griefing for simply just grabbing the SEA once, resulting in us losing the game.

If this isn’t griefing, then I’m not sure what to say about it. If a marine did this during the event, it would be griefing. If Any other role did it it would also be griefing. A simple grab doesn’t mean that an admin should just amputate you and grief you.


Pull Logs.

Hi. I was the SEA. And I was also running the event. The rules that were alongside the game stated that you should pay attention to the SEA as he is running the show. While being brought in to play you started to shove the SEA and be a general nuisance while I was setting things up. I gave you a direct warning to stop and if you touched the SEA again, there would be a punishment. Much to your surprise, when you tried to test the line again, you lost a limb.


I was a late spawn, and there was no admin-message to state the rules of the round.

I had grabbed you twice, and then did nothing until I patted you on the back. Which does nothing.

This you?


In this case I dont believe logs are needed due to the fact all information is present. Assigning for verdict.

Admins have full discretion on who can partake in a major event, especially when you agreed to the rules in the planning phase via the document. Wether it was your intent or not to disrupt it, as you were not warned or banned, this is not a violation of protocols.