Alaric#8158 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Alaric#8158

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Total Ban Duration
7 days

Reason for Ban
March 21, 2023 7:32 PM EST

  1. “You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official for Ban for rule 10, inappropriate content: posted a political cartoon making fun of the 9/11 attack. One week ban applied. - Amber. Expires 06/28/2023”

  2. “You were banned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official for 7 days. | as noted”

This is my appeal/report for a March 21st 1-week Discord ban that was rendered by “Amber” (@MrDadMan I assume)

I received a 1-week ban for violating the Discord Rule 10, for posting an image interpreted as making fun of the 9/11 attack. The actual content of Rule 10 is the following:
10. Some discussions are inappropriate for the server, including but not limited to: are traps gay?, discussing loli, discussing self harm.

I understand that this is a catch-all rule, but I don’t believe it implies that my post was overly egregious or toxic, since it wasn’t a post related to sexual preferences, imagery, gore, harm etc.

With respect to the image itself, it’s a political cartoon. The artist is a user on twitter with the handle @GPrime85. This cartoon was interpreted as mocking the 9/11 tragedy when I was banned, but the original intent is closer to mocking a genre of political hysteria that some people suffer from today. To be more concise, the specific cartoon is mocking hysterical criticisms of the Canadian trucker protests “Freedom Convoy” that occurred from Jan-Feb of 2022. Another cartoon by the same author will be provided that shares this theme of mocking hysteria with respect to the Freedom Convoy.

I apologize if the cartoon appears particularly irreverent of the 9/11 tragedy, as it is not and was not my intention to mock the event or victims thereof.

I feel justified in making this post in that I don’t believe I was given a fair treatment. The ban message I received described this as a “warning”, but this is a 1-week ban. If I were told to change my conduct on the Discord as an actual warning instead, I would done my best to comply.

I also have a Discord announcement from Patriot Day, September 11 2022 where staff announced that “memes about 9/11” that would typically receive a 1-day ban, could be expected to escalate to a 1-week ban around Patriot Day (it is 172 days to then from today, March 23).

I did not intend to mock or disrespect those injured by the tragedy. I also believe that the ban is overly harsh for “memes about 9/11.” I lastly believe that there were more impartial methods that could have been used to police my behavior (e.g. an actual warning over a ban). I believe this decision was an overreaction, because this is a 1-week ban for what is arguably an unwritten rule, and where previous announcements suggest that a 1-week ban for the behavior I am accused with in the first place would be “harsher” than usual.

Thank you for your consideration. A collection of screenshots will be shared below that are in order:

  1. What I assume is the post of issue
  2. The Dyno ban message
  3. A 2022 staff announcement on the Discord
  4. Another cartoon from the same author with the same messaging and presentation style


Assigned to the discord team for review

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The discord team put their thoughts together and they think that the ban was placed correctly for the content that you shared. Essentially, spare our server of this sort of content

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