alexguinea - Player Report: Aden Cooper, Rule 3: Community Expectations

alexguinea - Player Report: Aden Cooper, Rule 3: Community Expectations

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Simon ‘Ghost’ Mcshain

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Aden Cooper

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 3: Community Expectations

Description of the incident:

It first started when I said something over W-Y comms in Japanese while informing those near that I was doing so. The MW for that round then said that PMCs were on the ship, this turned out to be false by my knowledge, this then made the XO itchy and then the XO ordered my arrest. I do not recall seeing them state the charges but that could just me only focusing on the center of the screen. Then I was arrested and brought to brig were I learned that the charge was sedation. I was carried around by a MP for a bit until the CMP said that the CO pardoned me. Later the CO called me to his office were we made a understanding and he said that I could only be arrested after he was informed of it. He later went to cryo and I then found out it was the MW who caused the XO to later arrest me by saying there were PMCs. So I then over W-Y comms asked that he be detained by security. I then told this a few times to the MW. Later when I came out of my office there were MPs and the XO called me to CIC, so I went and then without saying I was under arrest the CMP tazed me and brought me to brig. As soon as I got into perma without a chance to write my appeal he announced that I was to be executed. I then wrote my appeal to provost and informed Waseemq1235 to halt the execution as there were clear ML violations by the MPs. There was later a IC announcement that told to halt the execution. I later was shown a fax that said I could be executed after I had appealed. I then appealed again with the request for a provost marshal. later the captain announced that provost had approved my execution, this was false. I asked about it to Waseemq1235 and later an announcement said that a Provost shuttle was coming and to halt my execution. Later after some waiting the marshal pardoned me and ordered me to leave the almayer, I then left with the W-Y security team. I can’t find the announcement in my chat log so could whoever is handling this provide it in logs. I believe that this would amount to about three counts of this rule being broken.



I was the Provost Marshal that was sent to resolve the situation towards the end of the round. I interrogated three people or groups of people in the course of my investigation, the MP’s, the CL and the XO.

They stated the reasonings for the attempted execution of the CL as such

  • The MPs stated he was to be executed for sedition. The sedition was a result of the CL wanting to arrest a member of the MP staff. Some of the MPs claimed that the CL had explosives in their quarters, but someone else claimed it was not theirs, so I disregarded that statement.
  • The CL stated they were arrested for sedition, vaguely in regards to them informing Weyland Yutani about the actions of the XO ordering the CL’s arrest. He stated he was ordered to go to the CIC before he was tazed by the CMP without provocation and then arrested.
  • The Captain stated, in-between screaming about some other in-game related stuff, that the reason for the execution was because he had heard from the MPs that the CL had, and I quote, “Kidnapped the Warden or some sort of thing like that”. He stated that he asked the CMP if he could execute the CL and the CMP said yes.

The CMP had long cryoed so I could not interrogate them.

I concluded this was a massive clusterfuck and I ordered that the CL be discharged from the custody of the MPs and placed into the custody of the attending Weyland Yutani Corporate Security, and for them to be removed from the Almayer as soon as possible.

CMP here, I cryoed soon after the first halt the execution announcement was made so I didn’t witness anything after that. The sedition arrest with the XO wanting to execute you was probaly because you screamed over comms “PMCs, get to CIC and break me out, and arrest that warden!” after chem goons arrived. The PMCs the MW mentioned were probaly the chem goons, but they already left after getting the chem without causing much trouble. There were reports of you not getting told you are getting arrested or something, I arrived at your office after processing someone else at brig and seen two MPs chasing you, so I assumed you were resisting and tazed you, possible that you weren’t told about your arrest.

I was Licorne, one of the MPs in the office. I stated “Liaison, we have been ordered to detail you”. (Yes with the typo). The Liaison was already up and moving and based on his comments later he missed the message but an effort was made to inform him that he was being detained by other officers right before he ran from the office and into the CMP.

That being said, the XO’s conduct was very strange to me. At one point, after the execution was allowed to resume pending the Liaison’s appeal, the XO broadcast a fake message supposedly from the Provost and ordered us to shoot the Liaison. I certainly had the opinion that there was a meta grudge going on, though the Liaison did do some actual law breaks around threatening the Warden so it’s possible the player just likes firing squads.

That being said- I never saw the initial arrest reason as I woke up from Cryo after round start.

I was the captain of USS Almayer during this operation. From my perspective, I heard over comms that the corporate liaison was yelling about some sort of PMC incursion of some kind, and from what I understand, they were trying to kidnap the warden or some sort of situation, which led me to believe there were possible hostiles onboard USS Almayer.

Regarding the execution, I have asked the Chief Military Police Officer if we can have the corporate liaison executed for his crimes, and at the time, the answer was positive, from what I remember. Following this, I have ordered the execution of the Most Dishonorable Corporate Liaison, who, from what I understand, has attempted to subvert command and harm the ongoing operation, directly or indirectly.

At some point, we received a letter from High Command stating that they were investigating the situation, at which time the execution was halted. However, some time later, we received another FAX from High Command telling us that we could go on with the execution, at which time I ordered the execution of the Most Dishonorable Corporate Liaison once again. Again, some time later, we received another High Command announcement to HALT the execution, at which time I ordered the HALT of the execution. I do not know what happened to the liaison from there.

PS: It is implied here that I faked a High Command letter. This is false, as FAX LOGS will show this.

-Captain Cooper

Okay- I had been told that the fax that you announced over the comms that declined the appeal was not a real fax. It’s possible I was misinformed. If that is the case I apologize. I’m sure the logs will clear that up.

Hi I was the staff member that sent Steelpoint in as a marshal.
The situation was extremely confusing in general. After a bit of back and forth faxes I sent in a marshal to resolve it in person as MANY involved parties had no clue as to what was happening, including me. This was primarily due to how quickly the setting kept changing, hence why the execution was halted and resumed mutliple times.
Though the XO… I’m not sure what they were up to.

Hello Alexguinea and everyone else in this thread,

It looks as though this was a pretty complex situation with a lot of ‘telephone’ style communication between in-game actors. Although it does appear there were rule-breaks during this round, multiple staff were involved in handling the situation. The Player Report Rules state that:

Reports should not be made if a staff member had already investigated the issue and determined it was not a rule break. The decision is final, and there is no second guessing or “Monday morning quarterbacking.” More over, do not player report someone if there was a rule break and you do not agree with the punishment.

SmellyHippie performed a logdive for this situation, but in this case I get to save him the hour or two of tailoring it for presentation to the community. The logs SmellyHippie shared with me confirm, as Steelpoint and Waseemq have alluded, staff handled this situation during the round through in-character methods. In accordance with Rule 0.1, staff may use in-character consequences in lieu of out-of-character punishment. For that simple reason, this report is denied.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs