alexguinea - Player Report: Allie Tero, Rule 11-Mandatory Obedience

alexguinea - Player Report: Allie Tero, Rule 11-Mandatory Obedience

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Simon Mcshain

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Allie Tero

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 11-Mandatory Obedience

Description of the incident:

After I had been detained after I resisted giving my weapon to the CMP I was brought in and before charges were applied the CL came in and told the MPs about me signing a contract for being a PMC. After I had then gotten charged with desertion I pointed out to the warden and CMP, Allie Tero, that the CL would have been aiding as they provided the paper, wrote it up, and processed it for me. I told them also that the CL would have the capital charge as they aided with desertion. The CMP and warden ignored this. Now unless something emerges that the warden did something bad, I wish any action to be directed at the CMP as the warden is under them. I did not really have a chance to settle this ICly as the hijack happened shortly after. At that time I did not pursue ahelping only ahelping about whether or not the CMP can ignore capital crimes as I thought I should be carful and not fully accuse them of things. I then asked that ahelp to be closed and it was closed.



Hi, I’m the warden. I have replays of most of my recent rounds, and I have a clip of my involvement which I gave to smellyhippie - I don’t mind if it’s made public or not.

I didn’t make the ultimate decision, but I easily could have made the same decision as the CMP did, seeing as it’s their decision to sign the contract or not, and their decision to abandon their duties or not. And I assume the CL’s motive is to further WY’s interests, not to aid someone to abandon their duties.


Seeing as I was the CMP. I will just post what I said in the discord.

I was the CMP. The CL did not aid you in any crime. You were the one that signed whatever document it was to try and be a WY PMC. Them giving you the contract does not constitute Aiding you in desertion. They did not try and defend you when you were arrested, nor did they try and claim that you were immune to the arrest. If they did however, then they would.

For example, this would be like working at a job under contract, only to go get a different job while you are under that contract. Did the other company help you to violate the contract you were in? No, they didn’t. However the company that you are under contract with can pursue legal action.


EDIT: I would also like to add that the continued comments in LOOC during interactions is extremely annoying and rude. You were an ‘Unknown’ due to having a mask on, yet you started talking in the radio. Whenever you talk with your headset, or a radio it shows your name. Which is how I knew it was you (Besides the way you were acting). You then said in LOOC that this was metagaming, which it is not. IC, it would just be my character recognizing a voice.

Further, I would also like to add that you were carrying around a firearm, wielding it, and yelling at a Nurse to “Get back” There were also reports of you shooting at people. I cannot confirm if that actually happened, but nonetheless I assumed it did due to the way you were acting at the time. I will not go into any more detail unless asked.

Simon's gun goes off during a struggle, probably sparking the shooter claims.

[2024-01-13 00:12:55.127] ATTACK: (Mortadelo Chirimbola) disarmed (Simon Mcshain) in the Brig Lobby (68,156,3).
[2024-01-13 00:12:55.128] ATTACK: (Simon Mcshain) accidentally fired M39 submachinegun in the Brig Lobby (67,155,3) triggered by (Mortadelo Chirimbola).

CMP makes initial contact with Simon.

[2024-01-13 00:15:41.431] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: You are not allowed to have a firearm. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:15:44.243] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Hand it over. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:15:51.636] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [1]: What do you mean? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:15:53.957] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [1]: I am not USCM. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:15:55.138] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [1]: Look. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:15:58.045] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [1]: Do I have an ID. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:15:58.695] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Yes you are. (JOB: Chief MP)

CMP takes Simon down for arrest.

[2024-01-13 00:16:00.834] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [WY]: Run. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:16:40.149] SAY: Allie Tero [Almayer]: CL, come to brig. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:16:08.912] ATTACK: (Allie Tero) tased (Simon Mcshain) in the Brig CiC Hallway (83,159,3).
[2024-01-13 00:16:09.872] ATTACK: (Allie Tero) tased (Simon Mcshain) in the Brig CiC Hallway (82,158,3).
[2024-01-13 00:16:11.503] ATTACK: (Allie Tero) tased (Simon Mcshain) in the Brig CiC Hallway (82,158,3).
[2024-01-13 00:16:13.249] ATTACK: (Allie Tero) tased (Simon Mcshain) in the Brig CiC Hallway (80,158,3).
[2024-01-13 00:16:16.897] ATTACK: (Allie Tero) attempted to handcuff (Simon Mcshain) in the Brig CiC Hallway (79,158,3).
[2024-01-13 00:16:20.063] ATTACK: (Allie Tero) grabbed (Simon Mcshain) in the Brig CiC Hallway (79,158,3).

CMP asks the CL to report to the brig, Simon tells him to run.

[2024-01-13 00:16:40.149] SAY: Allie Tero [Almayer]: CL, come to brig. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:16:44.400] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [WY]: Run fax about this and tell them to be quit. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:16:44.405] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Go get the CL (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:16:46.533] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [WY]: Do not come. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:16:47.932] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: ASAP (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:16:50.863] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [MP]: Should i arrest CL? (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:16:51.342] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [WY]: Evac evac evac. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:16:53.165] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Get the CL (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:17:01.651] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [WY]: They are coming for you. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:17:08.316] SAY: (Simon Mcshain) [WY]: Fax to get out of here. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)

Argument about who Simon is ensues

[2024-01-13 00:17:58.643] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: You do realise, your headset says who you are, correct? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:18:03.714] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: ? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:18:14.312] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: It says maintance technition. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:18:16.025] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Not names. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:18:19.925] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Where are you getting this? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:18:23.222] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: No, it says your name (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:18:25.572] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: McShain (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:18:27.638] OOC: (LOCAL) Simon Mcshain : I think that is meta?..
[2024-01-13 00:18:37.648] OOC: (LOCAL) Allie Tero : No its not.
[2024-01-13 00:18:42.805] OOC: (LOCAL) Allie Tero : It says in the chat.
[2024-01-13 00:18:50.412] OOC: (LOCAL) Allie Tero : Your headseat gives your name.
[2024-01-13 00:18:55.267] OOC: (LOCAL) Allie Tero : Feel free to Ahelp it.

Warden and CL arrive at the brig, Warden has to make Simon a new ID

[2024-01-13 00:19:10.585] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: CL, can you come to brig please? (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:19:14.042] SAY: Joe ‘Headless’ Cooper [1]: Sure (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2024-01-13 00:19:16.221] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Thanks (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:19:39.530] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: What. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:19:40.375] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [MP]: We’re on the way to brig (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:19:59.355] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Got CL for you CMP (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:21:26.550] EMOTE: Simon Mcshain : facepalms.
[2024-01-13 00:21:27.223] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: They are still enlisted in the USCM. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:22:19.923] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: CL. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:20:11.486] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Do you have this MT’s ID? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:20:23.430] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Mcshain? no (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:20:23.476] SAY: Joe ‘Headless’ Cooper [1]: Nope (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2024-01-13 00:20:36.864] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Well (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:20:39.038] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Want me to make an ID for em? (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:20:42.130] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Yes please (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:21:08.818] SAY: Joe ‘Headless’ Cooper [1]: Also cmp he did signed the papers to be transfered into PMC service (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2024-01-13 00:21:16.887] ADMIN: /(Sam L. Johnson) gave the ID of Simon Mcshain the assignment ‘Maintenance Technician’.

CMP charges Simon with Desertion, Simon alledges aiding by the CL

[2024-01-13 00:21:45.802] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: As such, they are charged with Desertion. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:22:01.691] ADMIN: (Allie Tero) jailed Simon Mcshain for Desertion.
[2024-01-13 00:22:11.518] INTERACT: (Allie Tero) removed (Simon Mcshain)'s zip cuffs (handcuffs) successfully.
[2024-01-13 00:22:19.923] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: CL. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:21.615] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: You have the right to an appeal. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:22:21.731] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: You dumbass. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:28.819] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: You kept saying shit. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:32.383] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Don’t give people info. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:35.836] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: That will arrest you. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:39.890] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Because what he did. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:42.006] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Was aiding. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:45.040] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: CMP (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:22:45.772] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Aiding desertion. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:52.065] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Yes Warden? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:22:52.269] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: This locker is mixed with the old prisoner’s gear (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:22:53.276] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Filed the papers for me. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:57.030] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: DUDE. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:22:58.588] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Yes, I am aware. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:23:02.613] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: I CAN’T SIGN THAT PAPER LEGALY. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:04.137] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Alright (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:23:07.783] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:09.812] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: OF ME SAYING. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:11.616] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: DON’T COME. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:13.541] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: BUT YOU CAME. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:16.514] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: AND TOLD THEM INFO. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:19.870] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:23.738] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: But anyways. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:25.076] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Warden. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:26.682] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: He did aid. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:29.190] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: In desertion. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:30.945] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: What? (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:23:37.643] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Faxed them. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:55.077] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Yeah CL is here per CMP request (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:23:56.490] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: NOT ABOUT THE OTHER GUY. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:23:59.081] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: IT WAS ABOUT ME. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:01.341] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: YOU CAN RESIST. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:05.043] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:07.212] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: OF ME SAYING. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:08.440] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: CL, you can head back to your duties. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:24:08.733] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: DON"T COME. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:13.029] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: CMP. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:14.379] SAY: Joe ‘Headless’ Cooper [1]: Ok (JOB: Corporate Liaison)
[2024-01-13 00:24:17.474] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: He did process the papers for me. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:24.936] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: So aiding in desertion. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:26.915] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: That doesn’t matter. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:24:29.775] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: It does? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:44.736] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Still capital crime? (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:24:45.395] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: It does not. Feel free to contact Provost. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:24:57.194] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: If somone aids somone else in a crime. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:25:07.685] SAY: Simon Mcshain [Almayer]: I guess I have no right to appeal. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)

Hijack happens, this round had a double queen event so it ends pretty quickly. Simon ahelps the CMP, then retracts it, asking for it to be closed. No admins were able to get to the initial ahelp.

[2024-01-13 00:25:24.227] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Release? (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:25:26.989] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: YES. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:25:30.065] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: OH MY GOD. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:25:32.190] SAY: Allie Tero [1]: Straightjacket and take to boats. (JOB: Chief MP)
[2024-01-13 00:25:34.009] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: WARDEN. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:25:35.035] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Ok (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:25:40.771] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: WARDEN. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:25:43.896] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: COME ON. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:25:47.463] SAY: Sam L. Johnson [1]: Jacket per CMP order (JOB: Military Warden)
[2024-01-13 00:25:55.041] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Also. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:25:59.029] INTERACT: (Sam L. Johnson) put straight jacket on (Simon Mcshain)'s (wear_suit) successfully.
[2024-01-13 00:26:03.824] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: CMP just ingorned a capital crime. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)
[2024-01-13 00:26:05.522] SAY: Simon Mcshain [1]: Nice one. (JOB: Maintenance Technician)

[2024-01-13 00:26:31.463] OOC: (LOCAL) Simon Mcshain : now should I ahelp it or no? because I feel like they did somthing wrong but I am not sure if ahelping it would just waste time if it is not bad
[2024-01-13 00:27:16.625] OOC: (LOCAL) Simon Mcshain : warden, should I or should I not?
[2024-01-13 00:27:57.436] ADMIN: Ticket #20: (Simon Mcshain): so can the CMP ingore a capital crime?
[2024-01-13 00:32:47.185] ADMIN: Ticket #20: (Simon Mcshain): nevermind please close this ahelp as this is more of a techicality Also, the video courtesy of Sam, big thanks. Since he’s said in the thread it’s okay to be posted publically, I’ll leave it here.

Added report:needverdict and removed report:pendinglogs

This report is ridiculous. You’re responsible for your own actions, the CL is not responsible for your choice to desert. I told you before this report to get yourself together, and a few hours later you make a completely frivolous report. I am not warning you again, stop wasting our time, stop trying to make issues out of nothing.

Resolved - Denied, report is baseless.

Added report:denied and removed report:needverdict