AlexGuinea - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LynxSolstice

AlexGuinea - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LynxSolstice

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Simon “Ghost” Mcshain

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Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

I was playing CMP while lynx was running his event. soon the XO told that there was a UPP inmate so I asked command about it. I then also asked provost to be faxed and over comms asked ares to confirm the UPP as a inmate. Now before I continue I will note this, there was no event info posted on discord, to my knowledge, the OOC event menu or otherwise said pre-event/round. So then I get a ahelp from lynx saying that I would know who they were and why they were a inmate. I then proceed with waiting for provost or ares to confirm. then as the round progressed I got another message but in the form of the red text, (when the red text is typed onto the center of your screen), I then proceed with waiting for confirmation. I then get a prayer reply message stated they are a inmate, this is shortly after I come into contact with the UPP ERT. I then attempt to try to get them to show papers confirming the inmate transfer and then the CO later orders me to stop talking. I state that this is a illegal order, (when staff rule on this report please include all rulings on orders deemed by me to illegal). so then I attempt to continue asking for confirmation I then later go to brig as the fax sent had gotten a response, in the fax the wording is unclear so I use the prayer function to ask provost to clarify. I then continue to wait and then later get a reply that they mean it is authed. so shortly after I tell the MPs to bring the inmate to the UPP. I then see that the CO says I was demoted, (later I discovered that they were faxed this even though I was only warned at the last prayer reply), so I say that would not make sense and is false, then breaking the rule of violating ML as MP. I then had my arrest ordered by the CO and I declared that was illegal. I was then approached but I fled and did some prayers and radio messages. I was then arrested and then as I yelled about codes and such I was put into perma. later a provost inspector came and told the MPs near that they could do whatever they wanted with me. later the inspector put me into the exacution room and killed me without an announcement.
I would now like to list a more to-the-point version:
I believe that lynx failed to inform me and others about the background of the event prior to it happening
I believe that lynx violated rule 0.1 intent, by using IC means to punish me for the rule break.
I believe that lynx acted in bad faith by these prior points
I would like to also state that if there is anything I have not stated it is because this took place over a whole round and I may have forgotten some things. Harry was also present during this event. If this takes more than a week I will be gone this Friday and the weekend after this week



Hi, I was the CO for this round and (as evidenced in your description) a huge part of what was going on with this event.

Initially I was operating with the understanding that you, as CMP, were handling an MP centered event surrounding a prisoner exchange with the UPP. After calling you over comms several times and being met with complete silence I had to get involved, at which point Lynx pinged me to let me know that you indeed had been made aware of the basic framework of the event a few times, but had elected to ignore such notifications.

As for the the Provost Inspector executing you. To be honest with you I was going to have you executed either way, especially after I was again admin pinged and informed that I was free to do so if I could get the Inspector to approve.


heyo, i was the provost inspector this round aswell as a witness to most OOC handlings.

round start there was an announcment via ARES that there was a UPP prisoner being held in brig and that there would be a prisoner exchange

as for the other things, i myself send a few subtle messeges as provost stating for you to “not create friction” as a way to keep it IC and encourage you to calm down, i was sent in after you ignored atleast 6 IC messeges and started ordering MPs to be arrested.

When i arrived to the ship i made my way to brig, i stated my arrival and was informed of your situation, i was informed that i had the auth to execute you because the CO had recieved conformation, when we began talking some of the first things you said to me was something along the lines of “CODE BLUE 19378 ROGUE INFECCTION” now this REALLY confused me, i had and still have no idea what this means, so i figured you lost your marbles, i told the CO and warden something along the lines of not wanting to take you back due to you being problem, implying i wanted to go through with the execution, after this the CO had to go escort the UPP off the ship after which i heard multiple reports of explosions, assuming the worst i thought the situation with the UPP and MPs went hot i of course thought the CMP who from my view was acting insane caused this, i took what i felt was the best route and executed you, i took what was known which was me having previous permission from both the CO and staff to execute you to try to handle the situation with the UPP and get off the ship as fast as possible as hijack was about to happen.

Heya! I totally missed this report.
Anyways regarding that event and how it was run Lynxsolstice was already talked to about that event in general and given a warning about event standards and told to improve regarding them.

So yeah I’m going to approve this report. But no additional action is going to be taken regarding this event. Because I was already taking that action.

Added report:approved and removed report:pendinglogs