alien embroys can be reimplanted (a lil more detalied)

alien ebroys should be reimplantable after their removal and they should be replanted into a monkey or a test subject but this is just a easier way of geting greenos so i want to balace it out like the embroy dies after a minute or two and it will weaken the ebroy inside cuz when is replanted the embroy has to recover from the reimplation so it will take lets say 5 extra minutes but it depends on what stage is it cuz it takes a 15 minutes to normaly burst and if its a like 5 minutes away from bursting and it will get replanted it will now take 10 minutes probably you know the idea what im going with it but also the alien ebroy replant should have 50% of faling i mean that when the embroy is removed it has 50 50 chance of being still alive or dead. and yea thats my idea of it

The embryo is dead upon removal. This makes no sense.

I don’t think, the embryo which needs a “tall” for survival would survive outside one that long. The surgery also cuts some alien structures inside the poor guy who got infected away, so it would be needed to reimplantat and reconnect these too. Or just make chest removal and transplantation possible, easiest solution.

you know that the embroy works as a cancer cell and cancer cells can be transplanted so basicaly is posible to transplant an embroy

it does make sense cuz i watched the ,alien reserection" movie and at the begginig they removed the embroy and it was still alive and later in the movie that it sean it grown into a queen (cuz it was a queen embroy btw) and the queen was working as a normal queen

This depends entirely on how far the growth of the Chestburster has progressed, it’ll obviously become alive before bursting and being fatal to a human, it can still be taken out at the stage where it’s close to bursting and thus stay alive as seen in the Alien movies.

Honestly this would probably be fun for Researchers that actually Roleplay, but I gotta agree with Duke here, it makes no sense as the removal process the Doctors here do is very much fatal to the Chestburster.

Also in terms of reimplantation, the Facehuggers do all of the preperation work in order for the Chestburster to be properly implanted, I don’t think such a procedure should be able to be recreated by Human Doctors / Researchers.

well i guess thats true

but since the embroy was like very close to burts so should be still posible transplant the embroy but the embroy has to be like 1 or 2 stages away from bursting