Allow CO To Use Vox

The VOX system is an incredibly rarely used system, mostly due to its unwieldiness.

Nonetheless I find the rare times it is used, it is a highly thematic system, and it tends to gain the attention of all Marine forces, far more than regular announcements.

My suggestion would be to allow the Commander (likely WL commanders to avoid excessive abuse, but aCO’s may be allowed as well depending on admin thoughts) to be able to type out VOX messages akin to how staff do so, with the exception they can only send it to USCM forces. The VOX message itself would be the ‘military’ theme, not the civilian one.

I believe this would not only be a good CIC tool to better direct the Marines attention, but it’d help enhance the immersion of the game and add more unique interactions that CIC can give the Marines.

The VOX is a bit hard to handle in terms of finding the right words, but I think this would only encourage creativity on the players part.

“warning hostile force breach detected in base all personnel report to area and prosecute”

“warning warning hostile biological forms in medical”

“attention this area is now under military command”

EDIT: Link to a youtube video which shows us the VOX voice available in-game. Essentially admins currently can create custom entrances using the voices in the video.

Here is an example of how the system works

Video Game Version

Black Mesa Military Announcer - YouTube


I think this is a good idea.

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As an XO enthusiast, I upvote this idea.

Rather than keeping it to a whitelist, maybe give it a timelock to be allowed to use it.


I’d be quite happy to write out a Google-Doc list of every word and alarm sound the VOX can generate to make it easier for COs/XOs to prepare statements in the system.

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Just give them TTS. Post must contain at least 20 characters.

My thoughts are that the military VOX is far more thematic for the game than some random TTS. Even if the word options are somewhat limiting.

Nonetheless from my offline testing I’ve found you can get quite creative with your word choice to get across concepts.

Why not have both? I think command and SLs would benefit alot if they have TTS, especially at the front, where the average ungabrain are too distracted to read what the SL said, and perhaps at briefing too.

This actually sounds really cool…


What’s the VOX system again? Ya know, for those who might know.

These voice announcements some AIs use on other servers to spam the station full when no admemes are on.

In game we have a vox system where staff can write words out that are audibly spoken. The current system has two voices, the first is the Half Life 1 announcer, the second is the Black Mesa military announcer.

Essentially the audio in the video below is what the VOX can do in-game.

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Here’s a better example of how it works in game, it might give you an idea of how people can create their own messages.

So, I think whitelisted COs should be the only ones with access. Not to degenerate the XO’s that have posted.


@ihatethisengine said:

Just give them TTS. Post must contain at least 20 characters.

This is what’s done for the squad leader on the other CM, not sure what kind of TTS they use over there but it’s pretty decent.

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TTS in CM sounds like such a bad idea. I imagine waking up from cryo to a string of MS Sam slurs.

It would be limited to leaders, a role that requires playtime to be unlocked.

Nurses can still spawn and instantly shout slurs if I’m not mistaken, though I haven’t seen that one guy do it in quite some time.