Allow engineering generators to be "repaired" to supress the gas explosions post evac

I love the new random pipe explosions post crash. They rock and they are a good addition.

However i wish there was a way to “stabilize” the ship so that in rare instances when marines start winning post evac… they can actually feel like they are repairing the ship and doing damage control.

My suggestion would be to make the hijack crash knock out a portion of the generators. If marines repair them and bring them online “damage control systems” kick in and the ship stops exploding.


I would like such a system, especially if the damages to the ship become bigger so they are a real problem to the marines, that would force the marines to actually spread through the ship and not just cadehug for ten minutes. I am sure it would also add some cool stories, like a group of three or four marines attempting to get through the xenos and getting the ship stable before everyone explodes.

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I really like this idea. Give MTs something to do.

Oh also… with some of the interesting Ares changes. I would propose this also would bring ares back online.

And able to provide announcements even without comms up.

Via an emergency broadcast channel (ares only)

Though i realize this is more … and a maybe for down the road