allow enginier to dismantle/build_up P-5000 Work Loader and do basic maintainance on it.

basic idea is to reintroduce basic code infrastructure to do maintenance on the P-5000 Work Loader.

so the P-5000 Work Loader would have five part (two arms, legs and chassis)
-allow engi to remove arms and legs.(and put them back on of course.)

optional addition:
-an hydrogen fuel cell mounted on the back of the frame/chassis
-exterior optional compos-ant (motion detector) zip-tie + MD on the front.
-a manual in the form of a book.

after looking at the code i don’t think i will allow dismantling of legs since we don’t have any sprite.
way to much stuff to implement for it also it would be weird to remove legs without the chassis falling down.
while clamps are there already…

looked into it and it’s way more complicated to do than i was thinking…

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You know people gonna just use it as makeshift mechs right?

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Sure, but they are absolute garbage for combat. A few additional loaders around the Almayer that could be assembled would be nice since CAS likes to bogart 3-4 of them, leaving only the one in req shipside free.

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if i manage it’s going to be very basic at start: probably two work loader without both of their clamp.
a way to print those clamp.
system to update sprite with or without the clamp…
i would make it that if you use it to bash anything it will damage them etc…

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Very nice idea.