Allow marines to switch roles.

Do you hate when you accidentally click the wrong role as a marine and you really wish that you could just switch to your prefer role. Fear not as there is a button/computer that makes you switch as different role.

I thought of this idea as I see that some of the marines cryoing after waking up in the cryo (roundstart).

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If you click the wrong role cryo immediately and make an ahelp asking to be sent to lobby (that’s probably what those marines are doing)


this wouldn’t be implemented ICly, it wouldn’t make sense. the only thing you could get (wyci) would be a grace period at the start of the round where cryoing would allow you to head back to the lobby


do that pls

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When I accidentaly click the wrong role I just go along with it and continue playing. But I like the idea about the grace period maybe we should ideaguys that :thinking:.


I, too, sometimes wave my mouse around erroneously enough to both click “join USCM” and then some random class with a 5% accuracy despite these things only consuming a relatively tiny selection area on the monitor. shrinking the pop-up/selections zones makes more sense to ensure what is clicked is intended, obviously.

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I do but sometimes admins ask me to change characters. I dont have any more chars! : (

Ask another admin until someone allows

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