Allow Rare Hostile and Xeno Alliances

From seeing where one Round, (The round that just Finished) Where CLF snyth tired to make a Alliance with the Xenos, making for a rare and unique RP where Xenos have a uneasily alliance against the CLF. Until Admins came in as Queen mother and ordered the Alliance to be broken, effetely killing off the CLF who had their guards down.

Now that draws into my question, Marines are Uncommonly able to get Xenos allies that are able to support them sometimes or not, then, in my case why can’t it happen to the Xeno side?

Yes the Green xenos are able to betray but so can the CLF and other xenos too. Frankly I am willing to see this due to both combat changes and how RP is able to flex and grow to xeno side too with humans to talk to that will maybe work with or betray them.


This could work. If sacrifices were made to the Queen. Like in Day of the Dead with the Doctor giving Bub human flesh.

The snyth did say they will give injured captured marines to the xenos, so it could be able to be done like that


I totally think this would be a fun RP idea. But they’ll of course need a mediator, AKA a synth or maybe some unknown future role… great idea though!

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All fun and fames until the CLF synth is defibbing marines to infect them

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I think it’s fair that you shouldn’t be able to befriend xenos. However there’s a difference between befriending vs tolerating each other temporarily for the sake of a common goal. I never saw what happened that round but I think that kind of thing should be allowed as long as it doesn’t come across as LRP.
If there are balance issues such as reviving dead people to give to xenos as captures then admins could just message people telling them not to do that, instead of shutting the whole thing down.

The time marines sacrificed the CL to greenos cause he stole an egg :Dread:

Well some of the marines were in complete horror when I threw Bob Cross to the corrupted horde.

I have negotiated a temporary peace agreement as a clf synth before. Frankly for situations like that I’m all for it.

Xenomorphs deserve more roleplay avenues, regardless of the fact people may get upset about it be damned.


Allowing certain hostile ERTs (mostly CLF) to have some leeway with alliance/ceasefires with xenos might open up more roleplay opportunities for xenos since right now those roleplay oppertunities are virtually non-existent.

There is a big line between the CLF enjoying an uneasy ceasefire with the xenos whilest under the obvious impression that the ceasefire will break down the moment the xenos no longer have marines to attack, versus the CLF going out of their way to capture and revive dead marines to be infected and otherwise performing scummy actions.

I’d be interested in seeing some leeway being given for xeno and hostile ERT alliances to be permitted so long as either side does not start heavily abusing it. Hijacks are already a guaranteed xeno minor and have a hard 20ish minute cap before the game ends, and are already considered non-canon by our lore, so I think its permissible.

So long as this is only allowed for hostile ERTs during hijacks only, and no other scenario, it might make for some interesting RP opportunities.

Though I can already see the suicide CLF charging out to open marine cades to let the Queen in.

EDIT: Anyone claiming this is some abuse against our “lore” is ignoring the fact that end-game hijacks are already egregiously breaking in-universe rules and lore, with xenos magically gaining the ability to fly a dropship with pin-point accuracy to land on a tiny warship in the vast emptiness of space, AND the marines are utterly incapable of shooting down the ship. AND a group of armed hostile soldiers magically appear on the Almayer 10 seconds after a distres signal is sent.

Any issues with these suggestions should be oriented from a mechanical perspective as I find lore arguments to be insufficient.


The rule where xenos can’t negotiate is the funniest rule I’ve ever seen, because surv synths have always negotiated with xenos. How else do you think Day ends up in the hive without being killed?


I miss Day. : (

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I miss Day as well. Best synth. Damn shame he retired. Lost a real one.

It was a fun round, the sheer panic everyone had about the synth was great from rumours like how it stole one of our scout cloaks to snipe from the shadows to making IC pre-hijack prep possible

Stuff like this was gold
“What? No you idiot, bugs cant fly we all know that”
Cue absolute panic until it was suddenly slaughtered

New stuff like that is horrific and fun when you’ve not encountered it before
Oh and mini heart attack from an admin notif who was out of the loop on the synth telling me to quit metagaming