Allow Tactical Reloads While Moving

Allow someone who is performing a tactical reload (drag the magazine onto the gun) to be able to perform the action even while they are moving.

As it stands, tactical reloads are only typically used by people who have lost an arm/hand. Theoretically someone with a Firearm 2 skill can perform a reload faster than someone could do it manually, but from memory only ERTs get Firearm 2.

Allowing people to use tactical reloads while they are moving would add a new niche to the ability, and perhaps see the ability see more usage as there would be a niche in using it as an alternative while running to or away from something.


This is a good idea and would like to see it implemented.

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I don’t follow:
You can already reload while running around by having the gun in one hand and grabbing a magazine with the other and inserting into the gun.

You don’t have to stand still to do this, you just need a free hand.

How would a tactical reload help in this situation?

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As example, if you are dual-wielding a SMG or, as the autor of the thread said, lost an arm, you wouldn’t have to stand still while reloading.

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Oh I see, you mean that the tactical reload has a timer to complete it and moving interrupts the timer?

I think it’d be easy enough to keep the timer for the tactical reload but allow you to continue moving while the timer is going, but…

honestly consider trying to reload with only one hand (and its holding a gun); this is not something very easy to do while standing still and using other parts of your body for leverage, let alone when you’re running.

Doesn’t seem like a balance problem anyway, more of a “how do you actually do this while moving?” problem.