Allow Working Joes to fight back agaisnt xenos during hijack

As the title of this post implies, i believe Working Joes should be allowed to fight back agaisnt xenos (and even chase them to their hive too) when provoked or when ARES is directly threatened.

Why this is good for the game:

  1. I think it makes sense for a Joe to attack a xeno because they are non-human and are damaging Seegson property. It would be like cleaning up a pest in their programming.

  2. It gives xeno players a new challange.

  3. It would be really fucking funny to watch Joes fighting Xenos as an observer.

If Working Joes had far more leeway to attack Xenomorphs, the overwhelming xeno reaction to this would be that they would simply kill any WJs on sight. As is stands, WJs are generally left alone by the xenomorphs as they are typically a non-threat.

Furthermore, if we are going by lore, the WJs never attacked a xenomorph in the original game/s they are featured in.

If an alien or WJ really wants to fight, there is already a mechanic where an alien can enter the ARES core and provoke a WJ to fight. I think that’s good enough.


I think you can fight back as Joe if provoked (attacked multiple times) already.


They didnt fight xenomorphs in the original game they were featured in because Apollo ordered not to, and why did Apollo ordered them not to? Because W-Y wanted the specimens alive. In CM it doesn’t make sense that military AI that serves marines do not give kill order on invaders. And why WJ’s shouldn’t be attacked on sight by xenomorphs? After all they are controlled by AI that serve the Falling Falcons marine force, they should not be ignores the same way xenos do not ignore regular synthetics.


as presently the highest working joe hour player on the server:
Joes can kill xenos ONLY IF they threaten the ARES core

i don’t think any other circumstance is healthy, let joes being lethal remain a novelty


Protocol Cerberus moment.

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I have been Protocal Cerbersused. It was interesting to say the least.

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They’re already allowed to do so if unauthorized personnel, including xenomorphs, enter the AI core and refuse to leave.


A Joe can only ever use force, including lethal force, within the AI Chambers. If a Joe gets attacked in a random hallway they literally just have to stand there and take it. That’s how it is.

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Joe’s beat the crap out of my CLF survivor when I tried to destroy ARES.

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bad idea and it already exists in the ARES core