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I need positive and negative effects for the following:
High orbit
Normal orbit
Low orbit

I want your wackiest ideas. Go fucking wild.

The following are examples of what are being considered:

Positive effects of low orbit:
OB hits faster
Much faster dropship cycling

Positive effects of high orbit:
OB cool down rate is faster
Faster bioscans
POST EVAC they can set a ten minute timer to just leave, xenos are warned. Ends the round. XENO MINOR

Negative effects of low orbit:
Pipes exploding (a few)
APCs breaking (NOT spawn areas)
Lights breaking
Reactors turning off
PSU maintenance of some sort
Ship shakes
Ship just explodes at some point?

Negative effects of high orbit:
Longer dropship times
Droppod from req unavailable

General thoughts:
Nice sound for changing
Probably like 30 seconds to change from an orbit to another (and you’d have to step)
Uses power that has to be built up? Possible engineering hook here.


Maint rooms in contact with outer hull could heat up enough to give some flavor texts and activate the temperature indicator in HUD, also since apparently xenos must know the Almayer altitude (???) low alt could ignite the ship on a fireball to make it noticeable : D

Also about the pipe burst would be funny to force MTs repair the missing pipes otherwise coolant capacity gets worse and more pipes explode then more chaos :trol


In low orbit you get faster time on targets for almost everything, but bioscans are going to take longer.

Railguns work as 3x3 HEDP damage with the middle tile being very high impact damage. They have little warning but for balance reasons will flash an indicator three times before impact.

However, holding low orbit generally puts some level of extra strain on the Almayer, and so it cannot be held for too long (will automatically return to higher orbit). Further, orbital strikes will send more warning messages and send them more often before impact.

The honest problem is that xenos lack lower area air defense so you can’t have them shoot at the Almayer or anything…
Maybe have engines have a heat level, and if they overheat there will be a rapid start of cascading power failures , etc, as the ship attempts to maintain orbit unless the Almayer boosts back up?

In high orbit, bioscans are guaranteed every 5 minutes at least, and orbital strikes will send fewer warning messages. However, they will take longer to hit and railguns will cease being available.

Further, requisitions drops may be… Off target, by up to 2 tiles in any direction.

You are firing a bullet the size of a 7,62x51mm NATO round. That railgun having HEDP damage is still kinda unbelievable.

Further, in Low Orbit, the Almayer is going to be taking shots somewhat unsteadily and from an angle, so orbital attacks will generally be much more visible and such (some contrivance)

In low orbit maintenance would be pressed to solve issues and act as damage control while the Almayer is in low orbit, solving the heating issue and buying time.

In high orbit the Almayer has a much easier time seeing through everything and ARES can analyze faster. Orbital strikes are fired with less angle and are a little less visible for whatever reason. However, dropping packages is subject to more error range and drop ships have further to go.

Again, balancing questions…

Make it so low orbit xeno hijack DS time to the ship is faster as a downside, marines get faster DS dropoffs they also get less time to set up/prepare for Xeno hijack

Heat is a new negative/de-buff resource, managed by engineering.
There is a cooling machine that is hooked up to the Almayer in engineering, and requires power to run.
Heat slowly builds up at a constant rate in low orbit due to friction with atmosphere.
Power required to run the machine is (base_power_factor x (Heat_factor)) - (Coolant)^2
Coolant can be pumped into this machine at a rate set by someone with engineering skills (basically it’s a container that’s added to the machine, and you can adjust the coolant pump settings.
Coolant can be purchased, or looted from the colony’s engineering!
Heat can ONLY be reduced by being in a higher altitude than LOW.

IF power_supplied < power_required
OR heat >= max_heat
force altitude change to normal


  • Heat:
    Dissipates at a constant rate.


  • Dropships:
    Longer ferry-time.
    Shorter CAS flight-time.

  • OB:
    Cools down faster BUT
    Longer time to hit the ground, BUT
    warnings don’t display until closer to actual impact (due to the higher initial velocity of the shell when it hits the atmosphere.
    (Longer flight-time, less warning)

  • Scanner:
    Takes Longer, BUT
    is pinpoint accurate as you’re scanning a larger portion, and are more thorough.

  • Heat:
    Dissipates 2x as fast


  • Dropships:
    Faster (shorter) ferry-time
    Longer CAS flight-time

  • OB:
    Shorter time to hit ground, BUT
    Longer cooldown

  • Scanner:
    Shorter scan-time, BUT
    is less accurate than status-quo, as you’re scanning a smaller portion of AO

  • Heat:
    Builds up at a linear rate

  • Railguns:


I think striking a contrast between low orbit being a “let’s fucking go” mode and high orbit being “we’re done here” would be nice, with benefits and costs for each.

Some random ideas:
(No matter what) make it a cool sound whenever the ship changes orbits, loud shuddery sound like in Interstellar at the start of the No time for caution docking scene with a cool announcement and ship alarms sounds like when a submarine dives
Maybe the reactors need to charge and it uses a certain amount of charge for each change in altitude, have to check on reactor/SMES, gives MTs something to do.
Maybe a random (possibly hostile) ERT spawn rate at higher altitudes or a better chance for better ERTs or something
Meteorite impacts at higher altitude
Low orbit enables the railguns (or possibly allows SOs to spot and get coords from the ship, able to pull coords from an overhead view in the RG rooms)
Either way let the xenos know what the ship is doing (Big blue emoted ‘You can see the metal hive growing closer in the sky’

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Negative effects of low orbit:
Pipes exploding (a few)
APCs breaking (NOT spawn areas)
Lights breaking
Reactors turning off
PSU maintenance of some sort
Ship shakes
Ship just explodes at some point?

The last point there might be a bit much but the rest listed are great, give ship side engi staff things to do. Also could add things like the chem machines regain their charge slower when in low-orbit, etc.


I’d like to see low orbit be something MTs can prepare for or prolong with their engine set ups, and have the engine be a balance between a few parallel systems (fuel burn rate, radiators, feed ratio) whatever parameters they’re setup would be alterable in high orbit, then once in low orbit itd be kinda like a watch it run sorta situation, and manage different things going wrong elsewhere on the ship (pipes exploding, etc maybe dependent on the engine setup). Thus itd be a dance of setup efficiency tuning in high orbit, and maintenance and fuel management in low orbit. Maybe things like OBs would put stress on the system.

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I agree with the ship turning into a shitshow in low orbit, because the Almayer is pretty much scrap metal already, lore wise, and command not really caring about how it would affect the ship as a whole.


I like the possibility for marines to just. Leave.

You already had a shitshow of an operation and you have no IC reason to stay?
Fuckin leave.


YES, and if marines leave WE SKIP HIJACK!

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As a proud member of the MT gang I approve this. Gives something for MTs to do.


Alright then: if the ship is in low orbit, then the xenos can build a trebuchet and launch Tier 1’s at the Almayer.


Ill throw my two cents into the ring here.

Low Alt:
Structural integrity damage builds up over time, around 1 point a minute (I will explain this concept more later).
Dropship transport time is decreased by 25%-50%
Dropship flyby time is increased by 25%-50%
OB travel time is decreased by ~33%
OB Effective radius is decreased by 4-5 tiles (25%-33% smaller!)
Hijack travel time is deceased by 25%-50%
Hijack explosion is 10%-25% larger, more fuel aboard the DS
Possibly allow railgun usage? I feel like this should be added and tested AFTER the alt system is more fleshed out/implemented.
Bioscan rate decreased
No passive req income

Geocentric (normal) Alt:
No Integrity damage caused
Standard Dropship behavior
Standard OB behavior
Standard Hijack behavior
Bioscan rate increased
No passive req income

High alt:
No Integrity Damage caused
Dropship transport time INCREASED by 25%-50%
Dropship flyby time DECREASED by 25%-50%
OB travel time INCREASED by 33%
Effective radius increased by 2-4 tiles? (Unsure, but for cluster and incident this feels fair, unsure about HE)
Bioscan rate DECREASED
Passive req income (increased to around 500 a minute)
Able to preform repairs on hull (Intel point purchase, see below)
hijack time increased by 25%-50%
ability to move out of orbit (this ends the round in an RP friendly way 5 or so minutes after its called. See below)

Before I get into talking about hijack, I want to address my idea for hull integrity. As proposed, each minute in low alt flight, a point of hull damage is taken out of a pool of say 30. From 30-20 damage points left, no real effects are noticed besides rare hul shaking and flickering lights, from 20-10 the hull will begin to shake more frequently and moderate damage (lights going out/breaking, shorted APCs), below 10 minutes pipes begin to explode and APCs struggle to stay online. Should the timer reach zero, the almayer will return to normal flight, lose its ability to change altitude and suffer massive internal damage. These points CANNOT be recovered without spending them on a hull repair droid, a new intel purchase at DEFCON 3 (for say, 5 points for 5 more minutes of use). Furthermore, should the integrity level reach zero, no amount of intel purchases can repair the damage. This keeps low alt time a highly valuable resource, that if used correctly, could allow for marines to get the edge they need in a critical time, or allow for command to push the almayer to its absolute limit in the name of the operation.

Finally Hijack. Even as a newer member of the community, I’ve noticed that hijack isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite feature. I feel this is due to the fact that is too common of an occurrence. While its certainly cinematic at times, it can feel very stale having the same slugfest at the end of each round. I’d argue that should an operation evacuate at high altitude, command can order ARES to move the ship out of orbit to prepare for a jump, setting a 2-5 minute window for xenos to hijack. Upon the xenos failing, the marines will successfully get away and return to chinook, ending in a xenomorph victory. I’m not sure of the exact timing, but I feel there is an argument to make hijack less common, and not required for the xenos to win a round.

Finally, I’m not a coder, and have no idea how feasible any of this is. I tried to keep it to numbers changes for everything but my proposal for hijack.


This is a really cool idea; if implemented it won’t just change shipside engineering but shipside RP as well. It’s also cool because it places importance on the support and logistics side of things and it makes sense that an old shit bucket ship is going to have issues and components will break.

Unfortunately like other great ideas, the person coding it will disappear or it will be held hostage in PR hell while the maintainer mafia shit and piss themselves while adding more cosmetic fluff content


what if overwatch wasn’t possible in high orbit, and command messages were limited? could lead to some cool scenarios where command has to announce that they’re pulling the ship into high orbit, and the marines have to manage themselves until they return. Could also give SLs a little more authority : D

That presents the opportunity to bring down a mobile command center (what if it was the command APC, but weak and slow, and the marines would be sacrificing it only in an emergency) staffed with either a trusted SO or the aCO while the captain maintains shipside operations (you know, they’re a captain)

then again i want to see STRONK apc return