An alternative for standing in the req line

1 Get rid of the table in one req line

2 Replace with a custom order PC

3 Can load cardboard, signallers, and paper into it

4 When a marine interacts with it a dialogue box opens

5 Type in your order, ie “Reflex AP mag C4 and M56D kit” then pick Pick-Up or FOB Delivery

6 It spits out a signaller set to 1-99 into the marine’s hand

7 On the other side it spits out a cardboard box, inside is a paper with the order labeled Order #1-99, a signaller set to the same signal

8 The req personnel who aren’t manning the line fill these boxes

9 When the order is filled, the req personnel hits Send Signal, puts the stuff in the box, along with the order form, and inserts the box back into the custom order PC

10 The marine hears this beep; if pick up they return to the custom order PC and insert their signaller- the PC then spits out the box with the corresponding order number matching the signaller, if FOB delivery, they shoot it down in the FOB crate and send signal after firing

Marines can def order 2-3x faster than they can get their order filled, which would help clear up the line faster than if 2 lines were open, and it frees up Medics to pick up medbay supplies & chemistry orders, and later on for late joins, surgeries, etc, if they show up to Req and can’t get anyone up front, they could leave their order behind and get it relatively easily delivered

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Good idea, Would be exceptionally difficult to code in.

Likely will have to do this (Code wise, maybe even sprite wise) all your self to even have a chance to implement this.

I think, we had the same idea some time ago too, hidden as “guide”: Req would be running around with ninty-nine signallers, req would have to give out things anyways, as I don’t think many marines would like to get their rare attachments stolen at a FOB, req would have to fill the computer with paper, and just stand in the req line instead of standing first in the computer line and second in the pick up line.

This man wants req to be an amazon warehouse

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add a shuttered area that only Req Officer / Captain can open that allows marines (mby only Spec and SL) access to venders of stored requisitions

I know SL req was a thing at some point and it was shit because they just dumped everything on the ground, if their access to said venders was based on the idea that they only vend what they need / immediately pass out and then lose access after could counter previous spam issues.